4 Apulian dishes to prepare while in quarantine

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Apulian Food

“Here are some ideas on how to spend time at home.”  

As is well known, because of the coronavirus emergency we are all forced to remain closed in the house. And, you know, the only remedy to combat boredom is to dedicate yourself to a demanding but at the same time tasty activity: the preparation of some recipes.

How many times have we put it off, using the limited time available as an excuse for not getting in the kitchen? You just have to procrastinate, the time has come to unleash your weapons (or rather, your pans) and spend days making them full of Pugliese!

After all, just avoid the scales for a while and #will go well.


A typical product of the culinary tradition, his majesty the Apulian panzerotti is made with leftovers from other doughs and is a rotisserie food appreciated and enjoyed at any age.

Succulent and tasty, panzerotti is a distinctive element of the region. Also appreciated in the oven variant, these delicacies can be produced comfortably in your own home.


Eaten as a mid-day snack, the focaccia is suitable for eating at any meal. The success of this typically Apulian product is certainly to be found in the combination of decidedly common ingredients, the union of which manages to provoke an explosion of taste and pleasure.

Exported to a large part of Italy but not only, the Apulian focaccia is one of the first dishes tasted when you were younger and one of those whose continuous tasting continues to be unique.


It is incredible how a seemingly common product it can actually retain a unique and delicate flavor. The secret of the success of the Apulian taralli is precisely that: being able to concentrate the flavor you prefer most.


Prepared by hand by our grandmothers, the production of orecchiette has also been known internationally thanks to the ladies of Arco Basso di Bari.

Pride and symbol for all of Puglia, this fresh handmade pasta is prepared on traditional wooden boards. Considered a great traditional and folkloric value of this activity, which is handed down with all its rules and secret tricks, from generation to generation.

On the market, in fact, there are numerous variants of taralli, whose ingredients vary according to their tastes. The most common are certainly those who experiment with onion, chili pepper, olives, fennel seeds, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, dried tomatoes, and much more.

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