5 Keys to Avoid Wedding Preparation Stress

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Weddings Tips

Ah, wedding preparation. While we encourage everyone to be wedded to enjoy the journey, it is inevitable that your checklists will feel a bit overwhelming and completely consuming at times.

But if you begin to feel like your preparation is keeping you up at night and taking over your life, you clearly need to tone it calm down a notch.

Here are some tips that can help you do that.

Stress Signals

Preparing for an event as big as a wedding is going to cause you to have to juggle lots of financial concerns and commitments. That’s why it is natural to feel some stress.

Being under stress is a normal part of life and can actually be OK in small amounts. But if you become overwhelmed by the pressure, these feelings

could start to become an issue.

Stress in itself is not a mental health issue, but prolonged, unmanageable pressure can lead to mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

The effects of tension can be mental, emotional and physical, and it may not always be clear that you are suffering from stress so it is vital to know what to look out for.

Unmanageable depression affects us all in diff ways, but there are signals to look out for, such as feeling irritated, smoking or drinking excessively, finding it hard to sleep or struggling to concentrate.

You might feel emotional and upset or feel like crying. You might also notice a few physical signals, like upset stomach, headaches, or difficulty in breathing. Severe pressure can affect your blood pressure, too.

When the behavior of a bride changes, the bride can often be dismissed as a BRIDEZILLA. But there is more to it than that, if your behavior changes it’s time to step back and ask whether tension is becoming a real problem for you.

The changes to watch for include snapping at all, being tearful; regularly worrying and you might also find it hard to make decisions which can cause you to feel even more frustrated with yourself.

Here are some common signals that you are getting way to worked-up over wedding preparation:

1. You are using the entirety of your lunch breaks to do wedding related jobs and errands.

Skipping meals is very bad for your mood and can lead to exaggerated emotions as well as amped up stress.

Solution: Making a habit of planning in place of relaxing or doing or eating things you love is a losing proposition. Always set a limit on how often you swap your salad for your wedding job. Maybe a single lunch each week can be wedding connected.

2. It is straining your relationship with your wedding partner.

Your wedding preparation should be fun, not stressful for both you and your partner. Maybe they are not even involved in the preparation, but have expressed how excited they are for the event to be over so they can stop hearing about it. Sometimes it takes a reality check from somebody

else to know it is time to put the brakes on your marriage planning.

Solution: Press pause on preparation for a second, your wedding is about your love for each other, not your reception menu. If your planning is proving straining on your relationship, then that is a huge indication you have to sit back, relax and have a fine date night with your loved one.

3. You start questioning all your wedding preparation decisions

You know you are over thinking things when you start wising to trash all your actual plans for New! Better! Plans! Or if you start worrying you have made an incorrect call about your wedding reception venue, which florist to use or how much to spend on a photo shoot. All of this will just feed your stress and create a limitless cycle of fear.

Solution: If signals start creeping in, let-up on planning for a week. When you come back with a fresh and clear mind, you will have a better idea of which doubts were actually valid and which ones were only a signal of your stress.

4. You postpone all the tasks that actually need to get done

It is not how you usually imagine a BRIDEZILLA, ignoring her checklists and putting off to-dos but if you are finding yourself neglecting wedding preparation jobs, you possibly do not realize how overwhelmed you are.

Solution: If your wedding date is looming and the list seems impossible to tackle, begin with something easy, like a cake tasting or shopping for a reception dress or shoes, to get back into the swing of things.

Having some items checked off will make completing the list look more doable.

5. It stops being fun

It really comes down to this, if you are focusing more on the negative than positive, something needs to change.

Solution: Come up with a trick that will you help you concentrate on the shiny side of things. Reflecting on the reason why you doing all of this – i.e. because you really love your partner – might bring you a big sense of calm.

Trust us: wedding preparation should be sublime and thrilling, not

stressful. Do not let this exciting period become a trying time for you.

While preparation stress is common for all weddings, it can get even worse when you are planning a wedding abroad. Don’t let wedding stress overwhelm you and ruin one of the happiest times of your life. Hire a wedding planner. The right wedding planner can take over the stressful details and free you to enjoy your approaching wedding.

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