Beaches and centuries-old olive trees, Masserie and historic houses from Fiaba – Your wedding in Puglia, the essence of flavors and traditions.

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Wedding News

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Get married in Puglia in a farmhouse or in castles, have a wedding on the beach or among the olive trees: it has become a very popular trend among Italians and foreigners.

Puglia is going well from the tourist point of view. And among the trends there is precisely that of getting married in Puglia.

What are the most requested areas?

Puglia offers many alternatives to those who choose to get married in this wonderful region and for some time I have to say, even foreigners who, fascinated by its beauty, choose to pronounce their “yes” in this land have noticed. The most requested areas are the Valle d’Itria areas, such as the beloved Polignano a Mare, but also Monopoli, Savelletri, Ostuni, Alberobello and Conversano. The Salento, very popular area, Lecce and its neighboring areas, to enchant for its artistic and architectural beauty, what to say? From north to south, Puglia is chosen by couples of future spouses from all over the world for its so unique scenarios to live a dream wedding in exclusive fairytale dwellings

What are foreign couples who want to get married in Puglia looking for?

Get excited and live a dream: this is the phrase we often hear. A married couple who chooses to get married in Puglia looks for authenticity, refinement and elegance, whether it is the traditional masseria, the fascinating beach, the estates, the capes overlooking the sea or sumptuous villas surrounded by olive trees, the spouses want be pampered, with its wine and culinary tradition, the color of its sea, its perfumes and its imposing olive groves. If we think of the requests that are becoming increasingly popular in Puglia, they are: getting married on the beach with the romantic symbolic ceremony, and then following the wedding reception by the sea, in 2019 there was an increase in requests for the charming ceremony in a country chic style farmhouse among olive trees, almond trees and carob trees. We want to remind you, however, that there are still married couples who prefer to stick to the traditional choice of churches, castles and historic houses.

Many VIP characters choose Puglia for their wedding and more, there are many who buy residences and farms to live here; so what’s happening in this magical region?

Simply because Puglia enters you, its so suggestive places make an event as important as marriage unique. Who comes to Puglia for vacation or curiosity, lives an experience so intense that he falls in love, just as if it belonged to him. This has happened to me personally, I have been adopted by this land and from the beginning I have admired its potential, the breathtaking views, its sky so intensely blue, its fields beaten by the sun, the stones with the color so unique of historic farms , the taste of food, the smell of the sea, of the olive trees, the warmth and warmth with which people welcome you, their availability … here, and with these simple qualities that remain haunted. For this reason, even according to my personal experience, celebrities from all over the world let themselves be captivated by this magic, choosing Puglia for their wedding, because getting married in Puglia is a bit like marrying the beautiful Puglia region.

The role of a “destination” wedding planner?

Mainly to accompany the spouses in the various phases of the wedding organization with the certainty of having a person in place who takes care of managing the initial and main phases of planning, knowing how to listen to their desires, suggesting and advising style, taste, without changing their personality. Knowing how to manage delicate situations in the event of pressures and anxieties that, for obvious reasons, the spouses feel overwhelmed. Our mission is to create a day of joy and happiness and it is precisely for this reason that with professionalism and attention I try to transmit tranquility and trust to my spouses, with the awareness and the certainty of being followed not only by a consultant but above all by a friend.

The secret? Love and Passion, are the words that accompany me every day. Spouses and guests will have to return to their country remembering Puglia as an experience that they will carry in their hearts forever


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