Coronavirus situation for married couples.

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Weddings Tips

coronavirus wedding

The coronavirus seems to have hurt the Italians in many ways. In fact, there are many who are totally misled by the current situation and not by chance. The quarantine has blocked any sector of the economy that seems to be suffering the blow. At the same time, there are many who have had to postpone their common activities and important events. Among them, my thoughts go above all to the married couples who have been forced to postpone their marriage. 

I can imagine what that means: whole months spent planning all the details for what should have been the best day of their lives, only to see it all go up in smoke, without knowing when to set a precise date for the happy event. Although the situation may seem tragic anyway, I want to make anyone who reads these words reflect that not all evil comes to harm. So here is how we can draw positive aspects from the Coronavirus and how in particular this forced break can be good for married couples. 

Married couples: thinking positively at this time?

Many married couples will undoubtedly be morally depressed during this period. In any case, I think that even if the situation is tragic, there is no need to throw another veil of negativity into their lives. One must try to grasp what are the positive aspects of this forced pause, focusing on those small details that can make a difference. 

For example, it is true that the Coronavirus situation may have blown up your marriage, but that means having more time to review some aspects of the organization. Maybe there were factors that weren’t 100% convincing or that for reasons of time had been treated superficially. Well, this is the ideal opportunity to put them in a place definitively and make sure that your celebration will run smoothly. At the same time, perhaps now you have more time to evaluate the destination to visit on your honeymoon. Having more time available, it is also possible to accumulate more financial resources and perhaps be able to organize that honeymoon that perhaps seemed only a utopia. 

But what else can the bride and groom do during this period of isolation? A piece of advice: talk, fantasize, and travel with the mind. This moment of forced rest can be ideal to solidify one’s relationship and gain strength, being able to count on each other. In addition, perhaps you can deepen some aspects of your partner’s personality that only come to the fore in times of crisis. In this way, you can be even more convinced of your marriage and start this new phase of your life on the right foot. 

Love: the main pivot of your relationship

It almost sounds like rhetoric, yet I believe it blindly: love is ineluctable, a feeling that can overcome any difficulty. Thinking constructively, the couple must reflect that this critical moment will only be the first of many complications that will have to be overcome in married life. Rather than getting down, the two lovers can concentrate on their love, uniting their hopes and fears and being able to get up when it is all over. 

On the other hand, love does not change over time and a worldwide inconvenience such as the Coronavirus absolutely cannot undermine the unity of a couple. Ultimately, newlyweds who have seen their plans disrupted by such an event must see it only as an unplanned incident, which certainly lengthened the time of their long-term project, but which didn’t screw it up. 

A happy marriage and a day to remember: this is their final destination and a couple who really love each other will be able to get to the end and when all this is over they will be able to say proudly: “There are events that can shake the world, but they certainly do not touch the love I feel for you.


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