Get married in Italy : Why do foreign couples choose it?

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get married in italy

Get married in Italy

Italy is our (“BEL PAESE”)  beautiful country

Get married in Italy. Marriage represents one of the greatest goals that a couple in love can achieve. Behind this great event, there are so many variations and a great business related to the ceremonial world and the wedding in general.

Many women dream of their wedding day since they are small and often have every single detail clearly in mind that will make up the fateful “yes” day. One of the first things to choose when deciding to get married in Italy immediately after the date is the location where the event will take place. Recently more and more couples from abroad choose to celebrate their wedding in Italy.

The choice of weddings in Italy depends on many factors, first of all, the typical climate of the beautiful country during the favorite season to celebrate a wedding (spring/summer). In fact, in Italy, during the warmer seasons, the climate is very mild and conducive to outdoor events and celebrations, perhaps in suggestive frames.

The particular environments in Italy are present throughout the territory, from small medieval-style villages to large villas. So getting married in Italy offers you a wide range of spectacular locations to choose from.

Sweet table

In recent years one of the major trends in the field of weddings is to make a sugared almond. Essentially it is a real buffet made with confetti. The particular aspect of the sugared almonds is that of choosing particular products, different from the usual almond or chocolate dragees that anyone is used to.

On the market, dozens of types of confetti are produced and there are really for all tastes. Setting up a candy can be one of the funniest moments, especially for the bride. To do this you can rely on us as a wedding planner and we will take care of every detail and decide how to set up the candy even in relation to the whole common thread of your wedding.

But you can also be you together with your future husband to set up the candy for the wedding day. For a DIY made you can opt for large pots or baskets where to place the different types of confetti (with a relative tag to indicate tastes) and small cones made of elegant paper that will be used by the guests to take the confetti that They wish.

However, there are many other ways to prepare a perfect sugared almond. If you are a creative and do-it-yourself lover you can set it up together with your friends or your future husband, otherwise, you can rely on real professionals who will take care of every detail, always following obviously the directives of the spouses.

Why celebrate a wedding in Puglia: the masserie

Puglia – Masseria

Puglia represents one of the regions most preferred by the future spouses, thanks to the many possibilities it offers at the territorial level but also of locations to choose from. In Puglia, it is possible to get married in wonderful places adjacent to the sea, in the historic and inimitable masserie, as well as inside beautiful estates, scattered throughout the entire region.

The Masserie are magical places, some have large rooms, while others have a more intimate aspect to offer you all sorts of possibilities whether you decide to create a wedding with great pomp that instead chooses to celebrate a wedding with a more reserved and content look. One of the great advantages offered by these typically Apulian structures is the possibility of exploiting the wide-open spaces they have.

Some of these structures have huge gardens, where, you can also choose to celebrate the civil ceremony, so as to perform ceremony and reception in a single location. This aspect has considerable advantages because it is possible to move around to take photos, while the guests will not have to undergo any “stress” from moving.

Another way in which you can take advantage of the large courtyards in the farms is to use them to set up the buffet, perhaps with the islands so popular especially in recent years, or the initial aperitif to offer to the guests while they wait for the bride and groom for the reception real.

But outdoor spaces can be chosen as suggestive frames for some of the most romantic moments of the whole wedding day: the cutting of the cake and the sugared almonds. Choosing the outdoor spaces of a farm to cut the cake is one of the best options available to you if you choose this type of location.

The wedding in Puglia: the sea

Puglia is one of the regions that have the largest stretch of coast in Italy. This means that the sea represents a large part of the territory and offers you the possibility to celebrate civil rites on the beach and large parties and receptions in structures or villas by the sea.

Celebrate the wedding in Puglia and opt for a location near the sea that offers magical, romantic, and unique frames. There are hundreds of places where you can celebrate your wedding and enjoy wonderful views of the sea. By opting for a seaside location, you cannot fail to be captivated by splendid and refined menus based on fresh fish caught locally and with a delicious taste. As for the locations, the possibilities are many. At the Puglia coast, you can find restaurants, masserie, clubs, halls, villas and much more.

If you want to make a sugared almond it is always better to opt for places that have an outdoor space, but if this is not possible you can also choose to create it in another room available in the chosen location.

Therefore, Italy offers you endless possibilities for your wedding from beginning to end, with enchanted places where to celebrate the civil ceremony, ancient churches perfect for the religious one. And for the festivities, you are spoiled for choice among hilly landscapes, splendid medieval villages, or wonderful locations close to the sea that surrounds most of the peninsula.

If you choose Puglia you will have the guarantee of unique places, you can let yourself be conquered by good food and you can enjoy a joyful and typically Italian feeling that is hardly present in other places in the world. A perfect wedding in Italy will be a dream for everyone, from spouses to guests present on the most important day of your life. >>>Contact us


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