Getting married in Polignano a Mare and Monopoli: between history, magic and crystal clear sea

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Get Married in Polignano a Mare. Saying summer is equivalent to say Puglia? For many Italian and foreign tourists, absolutely yes. There is nothing like this land that smells of Salento, in fact, able to give splendor to the hot months, enhancing them in their beauty thanks to the crystal clear sea and fabulous beaches. In particular Polignano a Mare and Monopoli, are destinations taken by storm in summer and how not to understand the reasons? Impossible, but if you doubt it, read on.


The poetry of the dialect, the picturesque customs, the cuisine that smells good and genuine, a sea that from any point of view you look at it is always impeccable. This is the magic that belongs to all of Puglia, map in hand to believe. In particular, before you dive into the wonders of Polignano a Mare and Monopoli, it is worth reading about the “Maldives of Salento”, the beautiful expanses of sand and crystal clear sea, the heart of the Apulian land. Equipped with a map of Salento and go in search of this top 5, you will not be disappointed.

  • Torre dell’Orso: near the center of Melendugno you can find this beach that boasts the blue flag for the clarity of the water. Here you can find the Faraglioni, typical of the beaches of Salento.
  • Porto Badisco: a smell of myrtle that embraces all visitors, the nice prickly pears that invade nature, the climate always smiling and a guaranteed relaxation. We are in a place of pure peace, a pearl par excellence of the sea of Salento.
  • Marina di Pescoluse: for those who decide to spend the summer vacations in Salento with children, you can not miss this stop. It represents the ideal place for all families, widely equipped and with shallow waters that allow greater safety.
  • Cala dell’Acquaviva: Did you think to see the fjords only in Norway? You were wrong. Right here, in fact, you can immerse yourself in the magic of the maritime fjords, surrounded by a panorama that takes your breath away for the beauty of the rocks and the clarity of the water.
  • Torre Chianca: another pearl of Salento. In particular here are very appreciated the dives that take place with little depth but give a suggestive show. Here you can admire the remains of a boat in the water, which makes it seem like an aquatic setting and makes the atmosphere mystical and a bit out of this world.


There is a saying that whoever sees the trulli of Alberobello, becomes a child again no matter how old he or she is. It is difficult to believe the opposite in fact, since the fairy-tale atmosphere is given by the characteristic roofs of the houses that are true works of art. Here reigns an atmosphere that seems to come out of a picture book and knows how to make a difference. A visit is well worth it.

Another unmissable stop is certainly Bari. Here it is said that a ragout is made that is so good that it is able to surpass that of Bologna. The city is ideal for those who want to get in touch with the cultural magic of Puglia. In the upper part of Bari you can admire a characteristic historical center, with architectural wonders that boast more than 40 churches with Byzantine and oriental, Roman and Greek influences. A mix of sure visual impact. In the lower part of Bari instead, you will find a more modern area, where the watchword is one: shopping!


The splendor of Polignano a Mare is so wide that you do not know where to start looking at it. The best way to tell you about this wonderful place in Puglia can only be through a parade of its beauties. Getting married in Polignano a Mare.

A stop in the culture of Polignano a Mare

  • Abbey of San Vito: it is located 2 km away from the center and is easily accessible on foot. It is a building that is a legacy of the early Middle Ages and therefore a precious little treasure chest with the value of an enormous ancient testimony.
  • Statue of Domenico Modugno: the famous singer is an institution here. Reason why, on the promenade with the name of the singer, you can find a beautiful statue of Modugno with his arms outstretched, as if interpreting his famous “Nel blu dipinto di blu”.
  • Lama Monachile: this is a real gem of Polignano a Mare. It has a double building identity. On one side it has both a Roman bridge that represents the union between Rome and the port of Brindisi of enormous dimensions. On the other hand it has the most beautiful postcard of all Puglia. The view that can be admired from the bridge and from the town in fact, give a wonderful spectacle on the country that seems divided in two where, in the center, there is a stream of water where many children play. An image definitely from film.
  • Other visits are worth it: the many churches, Via Traiana, the arches, the small squares where you can refresh also to observe the panorama, the loggias and the beautiful balconies, curious original panoramic points.

A stop on the beaches of Polignano a Mare

Compared to other cities of Puglia, here the access to the beaches could be slightly more tortuous but at the same time more stimulating. To be careful, however, in case you have children.

  • Cala Porto: here are typical white pebbles and a beautiful panoramic terrace. This beach is located just 2 km from the city center.
  • Cala Paguro: the favorite of the area. Very popular for its size and beauty, here you can also rent pedal boats for short trips.
  • Cala Cavallo: here the children are many, since the beach is not only free access but it is also the most frequented by families and boasts a very fine sand.
  • Cala Incina: perfect for couples in love, the beach is small and with romantic cliffs.
  • Cala San Giovanni: the most equipped beach of Polignano. Bars and restaurants, rental sunbeds, umbrellas and deck chairs, games for children etc.. Nearby you can also go to see the famous tower of San Vito.


Monopoli is so beautiful that it looks like a drawing. It is located near Bari and Polignano a Mare and represents the most beautiful sea side of Puglia. For this reason, telling about Monopoli can only happen through its beaches and coves, characteristic of the place.

  • Cala Porta Vecchia: here the water with the bottom full of sand and generally low, allows the joy of all the families that can leave the children free to play.
  • Porto Bianco: ideal for young people who want space to play football without fear of disturbing. Here in fact there are many kids.
  • Porto rosso: very popular and especially taken by storm by those who want to make picnic maritime. If you love grilling by the sea, remember the barbecue.
  • Porto Nero: not exactly ideal for children, as the water is immediately high as soon as you enter the water. However, the high rocks give a romantic view.
  • Porto verde: perfect for nature lovers who have to walk along a nature trail to get there.


Remember also that getting married in Polignano a Mare in the summer there are many summer events. From jazz music to luminary events by master craftsmen who decorate the cities, from DJ sets in the squares to Taranta nights, from literary events to opera meetings. You’ll be spoiled for choice.

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