Intimate Wedding in Puglia

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Weddings Tips

intimate wedding

Intimate wedding

What is an Intimate wedding?

The number of small or intimate weddings is on the rise in Puglia as a spouse seeks to maximize their expenses without minimizing their experiences. While intimate in size, small wedding needs to be short on personalization, extravagance or unique character, in fact, some guest often means more recourses that current’s to wed are using to make their marriages something special. 

What is an intimate or small wedding?

Wedding with guest counts among 20-70 is normally considered small or intimate, though we have had them with as few as 6 guests. While the elopements are small affairs as well. One of the biggest challenges especially associated with intimate marriages is narrowing the list of guest down in a way that makes sure that the guest numbers remains low.  This is not for each one, and a few couples are not cut out for saying no, whether it is to their own loved one, or to their parents. In order to plan an Italian intimate wedding, make sure that everyone is united in their desire to add fewer than 70 guests altogether.

Tips on planning an intimate wedding in Puglia In Italy, some will extend the marriage experience beyond the traditional reception and ceremony. A small wedding provides the opportunity for future couples to spend more one on one time together. 

1.  A small, intimate wedding can be anything from the ultimate dinner parties to complete weekends full of fun. They provide you an opportunity to take personalizing your events to a completely new level.

2. Be realistic when it comes to the list of guests, you wish to love all the people that you’re inviting to your wedding day. So if you are planning an intimate wedding, you need to be clear on the guest list. 

3. Always treat your guest well, you wish them to enjoy the time as-much-as you and intimate wedding really provides you the opportunity to go all out. Provide them tons of entertainment. As wedding planners our first  tips  o to could be:

    • A goodie bag     • A photo booth     • Boxes of chocolates     • Loaded gift boxes     • Lots of champagne!

4. This kind of wedding can remain to be formal, but they can also be a little more casual. So why not throw a party event? Maybe your tables sit fewer people or your entire site on wooden tables. And if you are just having a little number of guests, they’d pick where they sit!

5. Get each one involved; ensure you’ve a guestbook of some kind. That’d be a traditional book which people write in, or you’d have a picture frame that guest sign. There’re lots of creative tips you’d use.

6. Spend more time with your guests. This is a lot easier to do when you are having an intimate wedding! You may pick to spend the whole evening with them and additional activities planned throughout your wedding celebration.

7. An intimate wedding does not mean less planning is involved; it is still the most vital day of your life. Get creative and preparation the day of your dreams.

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