Wedding color 2021: bright yellow and bright gray, full of optimism! For your wedding in Puglia!

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Wedding in Puglia. The wedding color 2021 will be “two in one”: bright yellow and bright gray. These are, in fact, the two colors chosen by the Pantone Institute to convey a message of hope and positivity, so as to leave 2020 behind!

Bright yellow and intense gray: the Pantone color 2021 is “two in one”, it is the fusion of two brilliant shades chosen by the Color Institute with the intent to send the world a clear message of resilience and rebirth, to leave behind a difficult 2020!

After Classic Blue, the most classic and reassuring shade chosen for 2020, the coming months will therefore be colored by Ultimate Grey and Illuminating: “A combination of colors that is stable over time and encouraging – Pantone explains -, which conveys a message of strength and hope”.

Wedding color 2021: a combination as a symbol of hope

Typical colors of northern European design, they lend themselves well as wedding color 2021: a color palette unexpected, perhaps, but that can find different expressions and uses. It all depends on taste.

Yellow and gray form a pair that is well suited to weddings with a country-style, those with a boho soul or, on the contrary, minimalist and ultra-modern, to weddings that want to be an infusion of joy and fun. In any case, these are nuances capable of making people smile, precisely because of their lively and bright character.

Here, then, that are best expressed on:

  • wedding invitations and menus;
  • centerpieces and mise en place
  • wedding cakes;
  • dresses for bridesmaids and friends of the groom;
  • bridal bouquet
  • and many other details!

“At a time in history when people are trying, in every possible way, to find energy, clarity and hope to reinvigorate themselves and overcome this ongoing phase of uncertainty – they still emphasize from Pantone, presenting their Color of the Year 2021 – the shades that instill grit and courage respond to our need for vitality.”

Wedding invitations and menus, an invitation… to happiness


A yellow envelope and a card with a white background and gray lettering: this is how the color wedding 2021 is declined in wedding invitations with a modern and unconventional appeal. Do you know what’s the extra detail?

Choose an envelope that has a pattern or design inside a real coup de théâtre!

Coordinated is the buzzword for today’s weddings. So, even the wedding menu to be placed on the plate of each guest at your wedding or in the center of each table at the venue should be tinged with the same fantasy and colors as the invitations and all the paper elements.

The combination of yellow and gray, chosen as the color of the year by Pantone and which aims to become the wedding color 2021, finds its best declination if “muted” by white.

Yellow and gray also on the mise en place and for wedding centerpieces


Wedding in Puglia. Minimalist, ultra-sophisticated, modern: this is the mise en place whose color palette turns all on the wedding color 2021, that is the net combination of yellow and gray.

Endless possibilities. If you wink at the contemporary, for example, you can choose a table with a gray marble top on which not the tablecloth, but directly on the plates, glasses, cutlery, and centerpieces in yellow. Even the designer chairs can be in the shade of the sun!

Or, again, gray tablecloth and in yellow only cutlery and napkins, for more rigorous minimalism.

Alternatively, if what you saw above seems definitely “too much”, then you can opt to focus the color wedding 2021 on the centerpiece only: between wildflowers, minimalist vases, and small green details, even a simple white tablecloth will be able to come to life.

Wedding cakes are tinged with the Pantone color 2021


What better element than your wedding cake to be dyed yellow and gray for a true infusion of cheer, hope, and… sweetness!

Here it is, His Majesty the Wedding Cake, stealing the scene and capturing everyone’s attention with its bright colors, its minimalist style, an ultra-modern, even in 3D decorations that invite you to cut. And to taste!

Dresses for bridesmaids and friends of the groom en pendant with the color of the year 2021


Yellow and gray are an explosion of joy if, on your wedding day, you’ll be surrounded by your friends as (literally!) bridesmaids and your husband will have his closest group of friends in tow.

Wedding in Puglia

With all of them dressed in pendants, i.e. matching, your photos with them will look great. You can choose to have your friends wear yellow or gray dresses with yellow accessories and details. For the men, on the other hand, suits in light gray and ties or socks in full yellow!

It will be fun just to look at you two together ? ?

If you and your future husband want to venture a bit, then yellow for the sneakers to wear during or after the ceremony. Again, gray for her dress and touches of yellow for yours.

Yellow flowers give life to the bouquet of the bride &Co.


Wedding details speak of Pantone 2021


The Yellow and Gray color pair of this 2021 brings a message of strength and optimism and we truly hope to make your Wedding in Puglia happen. >> Contact Us


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