Wedding in Italy: the reason for the choice of foreigners (not just pizza and pasta)

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Wedding News

One of the most interesting phenomena of the last period is that of Wedding Tourism, that is those couples who choose a foreign destination to celebrate their wedding. This context also includes Italy with an increasing number of people who choose the Bel Paese to get married. So let’s try to understand what are the motivations that lead to the choice of Italy by foreigners.

Before going into detail about the motivations that lead more and more foreigners to choose Italy as the place to say yes, it must be stressed that the trend is constantly growing with almost 10% of tourists visiting our peninsula to get married and with a really interesting business.

There are several elements that make our land a favorite destination to celebrate a wedding. In fact, Italy enjoys a unique charm, such as to make it almost a desired destination, thanks to the variety of cultural and not that distinguish it. Romance, beauty, culinary delights, experiences of people who have already visited Italy are a set of motivations that involve the choice of our land. Another important aspect is given by the variety of landscapes present on our peninsula, which alternate evocative hills, mountain territories, crystal clear seas, and white beaches such as to make the choice of location difficult because of the multitude of options. A further boost to the choice of Italy by foreigners to celebrate the wedding is due to the sense of imitation.

In fact, many VIPs, actors, politicians, and managers have moved to Italy causing a sort of domino effect among ordinary people trying to imitate them. Finally, the last aspect that has a significant impact on this choice is the socio-demographic one: mixed couples, i.e. between Italians and foreigners, are constantly increasing and more and more Italians living abroad choose to return home for their wedding day.


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