Wedding in Puglia: Your Dream Wedding in Fairytale Dwellings

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An amazing location for a wedding in Puglia where the olive groves meet the crystal clear waters of the sea, under the sun of beautiful southern Italy 

Apulia is the most beautiful region in the world Italy, I do not just say National Geographic has awarded for the second time the “Best Value Destination” is precisely the most beautiful region in the world, a land where you can live unique experiences not only for its sea, its villages, its rural reality, its castles and cathedrals, but especially for its authenticity and its food and wine.

An extraordinary recognition, because the region boasts the best of southern Italy: the rhythms of life, traditions, and the beauty of places”.

The whole world marvels at what this magical region has to offer, and furthermore, for couples-to-be who love enchanting places, Apulian weddings are perfect.

The relaxed pace of life, warm locals, fresh air and beloved cuisine make Puglia an ideal place for lovers of simple style.

Puglia has become increasingly trendy and enjoyed a new international clientele discovering the region’s delights, but that’s only in the last few years – for decades it was a vacation reservation, kept secret and to themselves by northern Italians! I for one have fallen hopelessly in love with it since my very first vacation in 2009 immediately.

It is the most authentic location in Italy, relatively still untouched by tourism towering over the other famous cities of Italy.

The region , which many know is located in the “heel” of the Italian boot, its narrow shape means it is surrounded by a coastline of crystal clear waters.

Among the coastline are the region’s great olive groves, traditional farmhouses and vineyards stretching for miles. The fruit and the vegetables hang from the trees, changing color and flavor with the seasons. Such unique environments are promised when choosing a wedding in Apulia and a wedding in the Italian countryside.

amazing venues for your wedding in puglia

The most popular seaside resorts of Polignano a Mare and Monopoli are among the most beautiful cities in Italy.

They are among the places of the extremely popular Apulian beach weddings, on the sand or on the beautiful edges of the rocky cliffs, where among other things you can enjoy delicious seafood in private settings for the guests who will be part of it.

Further inland, we find the Valle d’Itria .In this area we can find a wealth of places such as ancient noble residences for a wedding in a castle in Puglia or converted farmhouses, known as Masserie, all with a rustic but extremely chic style, which are perfect locations for a wedding in Puglia.

Many have their own private olive and citrus groves, pools, courtyards and accommodations, making them even more ideal for weddings in Italy, a vacation and of course honeymoon in Puglia after the festivities.

Further south, we find Lecce, which boasts splendid Baroque architecture and has miles and miles of unspoiled coastline.The masseria wedding is not the only alternative to the beach.

In addition to the famous city destinations, such as Ostuni, Otranto, Vieste, Gallipoli and Lecce, the medieval villages of the hinterland offer ideal locations for those who love a historical atmosphere and a more intimate dimension.

Those who dream of the sea, nature lovers, gourmets and culture are welcome.Apulia remains extremely authentic, which only adds to its charm. It is one of the most authentic and naturally beautiful locations for your wedding in Italy.

For brides and grooms who love the natural beauty and relaxed, easy-going style of southern Italy, choosing a wedding in Puglia, is the ideal solution, because you’ll realize that you’ll never want to leave.

But why should you get married in Puglia? Simple, Apulia has wonderful natural sceneries, from the crystal waters of Salento to the cliffs of Gargano.

One aspect that is much appreciated by those who choose to get married in Puglia is that it has settings for weddings of all kinds. From the countless churches and cathedrals for a religious wedding to the gardens and romantic beaches for civil ceremonies.

This land is also always kissed by the sun, another reason, don’t you think?

Apulian cuisine is one of the most important things in the lives of the locals, their recipes and techniques are handed down from generation to generation. Everything is handmade with love, seasonal and fresh, this is a real must for southern Italians! Apulian wines, such as the famous Primitivo and Negramaro are not to be missed. Delighting in Apulian food in this region is a heavenly experience, that’s why over the years there have been activities before or after the wedding of cooking classes to make sure you take home with you a piece of Apulia that will remain in your heart forever.

Elegance, luxury, tradition, delicious food and friendly atmosphere are valid elements to realize the dream wedding in fairytale dwellings. >> Contact us


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