Wedding Planner Italy – What it does and all the benefits of having one

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best wedding planner in Italy

Do you think you can organize your wedding without the help of a wedding planner Italy? After reading this article you will be convinced of the opposite.

Organizing a wedding in Italy is not an easy task, especially if it is the event you have dreamed of since you were a child; the expectations you place on this occasion are very high, which is why we at Princess Apulia always advise you to entrust the planning of your big day to us professionals of the sector and of the territory who know how to best achieve everything you want. A wedding planner in Italy is like a superhero who will coordinate every aspect of the big day, even if you may be wondering: what does the wedding planner do? And why should I have one?

What is the wedding planner in Italy?

Let’s take a few steps back and tell the story of this professional figure together with Elena le Fosse, owner of Princess Apulia, a wedding planner specializing in all-inclusive luxury wedding packages in Italy.

Well yes, the wedding planner is a professional figure like the photographer, florist or cake designer! You were born in the U.S.A., more than 30 years ago. She was born as a support for those couples who wanted a perfect wedding, studied in detail. A few years ago, the film with Jennifer Lopez totally clears this figure, who leaves the lands of America and flies to Europe and here, in Italy.

Understanding what a wedding planner does in Italy can help you dissolve doubts and beliefs. So let’s clarify her role. The wedding planner, as the word itself says, plans weddings, then organizes. She doesn’t make bows, she doesn’t set the table, she doesn’t create favors. She is not a photographer, she is not a valet, she is not a handyman. And whoever reduces himself to being one does not do justice to the profession!

What does the destination wedding planner in Italy do?

So let’s see what the main functions of a destination wedding planner are:

  • the wedding planner plans the event. In all respects, but it does not replace the couple;
  • the wedding planner concretely analyzes your budget and helps you manage the various expense items, from day one;
  • the wedding planner manages the suppliers, searches for the best and most suitable ones for you, and allows you to save money;
  • the wedding planner is not the wedding designer, but can help you realize the entire plan of your wedding, following your wishes.
best wedding planner in Italy
Elena Le fosse

And now I’m going to tell you what a wedding planner DON’T DO:

  • he’s not a bellboy, so he doesn’t carry tableaus, he doesn’t arrange chairs, he doesn’t distribute favors. For that she will identify the most suitable people – whether they are professionals, bridesmaids or other service personnel;
  • she is not a bureaucrat: she could decide to help you with the documents, but her job is another and must be respected as such;
  • she doesn’t take your place: YOU choose, your wishes are always in the foreground. What she offers you are SOLUTIONS, tailor-made for you and no one else.

Why should you choose a destination wedding planner in Italy?

What does a destination wedding planner do now should be clear to you. You may, however, still have some doubts. Why should you choose it? And based on what? What guarantees you that she is a serious professional? In truth, until you try it, you won’t know if it’s a pro in the making.

  • If she gets you to sign a contract, you’re already on your way.
  • If she listens to you and lets you talk and tries to understand your desires, you’re on a great path.
  • And you’ll no longer have to wonder why you’d want her at the helm of your nuptials.

So let’s see what are these advantages of having a wedding planner in Italy.

A shoulder you can count on

The most beautiful thing about being a wedding planner is the synergy that is created with the spouses, the harmony with which we work together – Elena, owner of Princess Apulia, tells us – For months I become their point of reference and a ” marriage friendship,” as I like to call it, which often continues after the wedding. When I help my couples, they know that my goal is for them to experience the organization with fun, calmness and joy, they know they can count on me and that I am their shield in case of intrusive relatives and any kind of problem, which I fix it before they know it exists.

Stress-free marriage

Choosing the best suppliers, organizing transport, thinking of a plan B… organizing a wedding is not that simple, there are so many things to do and very often the months preceding the big event instead of being a unique moment to remember, yes turn into a nightmare, characterized by the stress of quarrels with your partner, to all this we also add that we live on the other side of the world, perhaps in America, with at least a six-hour time zone difference, finding all suppliers really becomes a feat, not to mention talk about the problems in the local language, etc, etc. But is it really worth going through all of that when you can have one person take care of everything like a wedding planner Italy?

wedding planner Italy

He is always up to date on all the latest trends in the wedding universe

It is true that a wedding must be organized according to the tastes of the spouses, but for an elegant and classy event these should be shaped according to the latest trends in the wedding universe. Who better than a wedding planner in Italy who has made destination weddings his daily bread, is updated on all the news? Precisely for this reason, by entrusting yourself to a professional, you will be sure that your wedding will not only be personalized but fashionable!

Choose the perfect decorative elements for your wedding

If you have a precise theme in mind, a destination wedding planner in Italy will know how to interpret it. Having organized the most disparate weddings, he will know how to choose the perfect decorative elements for the style you want, with an extreme aesthetic sense and without ever exceeding or deficient.

wedding planner Italy

The importance of choosing a professional with experience and preparation

We must highlight the importance of the professionalism of this figure, which is not an improvised job: the destination wedding planner is a professional, therefore a company, which has carried out training courses, which has an already consolidated team of partners and which is insured with policies suitable for the contractual commitments it undertakes. Before the professional sense, however, the human compatibility of the “private” relationship that is created between the wedding planner and the client, a real shoulder, is even more important. During the event, the wedding planner is in fact the first to arrive and the last to leave, ready to coordinate, control and be the right arm of all the partners and their clients.

Coordinate every moment of your big day

To prevent even a small unexpected event from ruining the atmosphere, the wedding planner will take care of coordinating every moment of your big day, from the ceremony to the cutting of the wedding cake. The presence of this professional will prevent a small hitch from generating a big problem, because he will take care of predicting it but also solving it promptly!

The wedding planner is the project manager of the wedding day. Establishing favorable business relationships for the couple and helping them choose suppliers and services is only the first step. Then it is a question of defining the objectives for each supplier and helping the suppliers to carry out their part based on the tastes of the spouses, the chosen place, etc.

It also solves the biggest problem

Put your soul in peace: in every marriage there will always be something that will get complicated becoming a small problem that could ruin the most important day of your life. With us at Princess Apulia this will not happen because thanks to experience we have acquired strong problem solving skills that allow us to promptly remedy any unforeseen and unpleasant situation, when you alone would not even know where to start to solve the problem.

wedding planner Italy

After reading this article I challenge you to continue planning your wedding without the help of an expert wedding planner in Italy!


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