Getting married on the Gargano

Gargano Wedding. The Gargano coast, with its golden and pristine beaches, welcomes the water of the crystalline sea as if in an embrace.

Vieste, the pearl of the Gargano wedding, is the perfect scenario to take the big step. Marriage represents an eternal and indissoluble pact of love, the principle of a life to be spent together, a dream that becomes reality in Vieste. The breathtaking panorama and its deep-rooted traditions make the city one of the most magical places that exist, a perfect combination of romance and important values.

Each couple looks for the perfect location where to exchange their love promises and celebrate together with their loved ones. Vieste, a rare and priceless land, is just the right city. A city that smells of the sea, tradition and culture, those simple smells that only the land of Puglia can give. The ancient coastal towers are the solemn guardians of this land, they watch carefully over that sea rich in history and centuries-old adventures.

Getting married in the beautiful land of Puglia means celebrating a wedding with a sober elegance, in natural contexts with soft lights, with refined and chic settings, without neglecting the fun, with the beautiful traditional music and dance.

The Mediterranean climate also favors the choice, because getting married in Vieste allows you to organize the reception of your wedding in any season of the year: during the mild winter, during the warm spring days or on summer evenings, in which the heat is softened by the light sea breeze. That pure and uncontaminated air, to breathe deeply, that salty breeze that touches the face like a tender embrace.
Vieste offers all couples in love wonderful views: natural arches of immeasurable beauty, such as the San Felice arch, and the splendid natural caves, where the sun reflecting on the seabed recreates sparkling and kaleidoscopic colors.
Getting married on the Gargano means making the wonderful colors of the luxuriant nature the protagonists of the event, as in a canvas with a thousand shades.
All couples who wish to organize their wedding on the Gargano and live the most beautiful day in contact with nature will be able to opt for elegant historic houses with a centuries-old tradition and a timeless atmosphere, thanks to their elegant rooms that can offer the newlyweds and all guests moments of pleasant conviviality. Immense terraces in the shade of olive trees and immersed in the most enchanting places of the Gargano National Park, from which to admire landscapes of rare beauty.

Getting married in Vieste

Getting married in Vieste allows you to make a wedding lunch or dinner while savoring the unique flavors of the typical Vieste cuisine. A culinary art that has its deep roots in very ancient times, full of authentic flavors and aromas.

Dishes made with typical local products, prepared by expert hands with the care and wisdom of the secrets of tradition, preserved and preserved in simple gestures, those of the past that are still handed down from ancient generations. Each recipe is updated and revisited in a modern key, thus creating dishes that will harmoniously combine goodness and great refinement. Like the pasta made exclusively by hand or the unique taste of traditional cheeses. Inimitable flavors and tastes capable of conquering everyone, even the most refined palates.

But it is above all the products donated by the sea that allow you to create unforgettable wedding banquets, thanks to the always fresh fish caught directly in the pristine waters that bathe the city of Vieste.

The city also offers enchanting landscapes on the coast to all newlyweds who wish to celebrate their union on the sea. Fairytale receptions under the starry sky in which the sea will be the backdrop, which on the horizon seems to merge with the sky and take a bit of its color. Just as in fairy tales dreams are desires, so in Vieste desires become reality.

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