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Exclusive Report Reveal “insider” information on the 27 most Unique, Elegant and Luxurious locations for your wedding in Puglia!

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Dear Betrothed

If you are planning to organize your wedding in Italy, and specifically in Apulia, you have probably already browsed dozens of websites and magazines in an attempt to find the perfect location to guarantee you a dream wedding. 

Often, however, it becomes difficult to find your way around the tide of offers, and – partly because of the language barrier, partly because of the distance – you risk choosing a location that does not really satisfy your wishes for your special day.

My name is Elena Le Fosse and for over 10 years I have been involved in destination weddings and I have helped hundreds of brides to fulfill their dream in some of the most beautiful places in Puglia. 

This enormous wealth of experience has allowed me to gather all kinds of information on the most exclusive and luxurious locations in this extraordinary region.

And for the first time, I have decided to collect them and make them available to all those brides who are desperately trying to find their way around organizing their wedding abroad. 

I have created a report selecting the 27 locations for a fairytale wedding in Puglia, each with photos and super practical “insider” information to give you an idea of the options available. 

Elena Le Fosse


Puglia is the perfect place to crown your dream of love.

I know it well because I was the first to fall in love with this land, its colors and flavors, the crystal clear sea, and the beautiful landscapes dotted with charming villages and farms bathed in light.

You and your sweetheart want to create together the most beautiful day of your life and I am here, at your side, to lead you hand in hand through the most exclusive locations and the most fascinating places where to say “YES I DO”.

I want to know your passions, discover your tastes, and the personality of your guests, find the perfect mix of ingredients for a fabulous event, where every detail contributes to the magic of the moment. To be remembered forever.

Princess Apulia is the wedding planner Puglia service that I created to fulfill your wishes. A service of the highest level. An adventure of the senses in search of breathtaking scenery where you can really fall in love like the first time.

Together we will paint a picture full of lights, intense emotions, gastronomic delights, images, music, fun, and romantic surprises, to satisfy your eyes, your palate, your heart, and those of your guests: friends and relatives, grandparents and grandchildren. Because everyone should feel part of an exceptional event, from the ceremony to the last dance.
Apulia will offer you breathtaking sceneries and I will be your industrious guide for an event that will grow, day after day, giving shape and substance to your most beautiful dreams.


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Princess Apulia as, wedding planner in Puglia, helps foreign couples to get married in exclusive locations in Puglia.

She helps you and your partner find the perfect location to celebrate your wedding in Puglia even if you have never come to Italy and don’t know who to trust.

Getting married in a classy, non-touristy location is ideal if you and your guests want to enjoy the local customs, taste traditional local dishes, and remember your wedding forever.

Contact us now if you want to create the best day of your life with a dream wedding in Italy.

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