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Get Married In Trani: Most Heart touching Wedding venue in Puglia

Trani wedding one of the most heart touching wedding venue in Puglia (also known as the pearl of Puglia) to host your wedding event within its amazing historical-artistic view. Trani city has been the coast landmark for the sea trade among East/West; it’s the destination which has made the Romanico Pugliese an inner architectural theme by preserving its space inside the stunning cathedral. Trani is the destination of white stone, magnified by the sun rays reflecting the baroque churches and the 19th-century places.

Trani city lies in the province of Bari and overlooks the stunning Adriatic sea just next to a small bay where a sheltered seaport has been built. It’s one of the most fine equipped yachting ports on the Southern coast, and for a long period, it has been a vital landmark for international and national sporting sailing.

The genuine care of Trani city presents a fishbone urban structure, a usual Norman one that develops itself by following the port inlet. Amazing monuments and exceptional houses date back to the Swabian period. They all witness a noble past.

Celebrate your Catholic marriage in Trani city if your desire is for a very special religious marriage event. Trani offers a huge range of historical churches, but the antique Cathedral might be your perfect setting. It’s one of the finest Romanesque theme building of Puglia, the outcome of superimposing of 3 buildings which were built on a similar spot. A dual flight of stairs precedes the Cathedral, flanked by a 13th Century Church tower.

The facade is well decorated by white rose marbles and by a gorgeous rose window. A notable bronze portal provides access to the church. The interior part is a bit simple but complete of charm and elegance.
For new couples, if you wish to set your wedding photography service in an exceptional place, pick the villa of Comunale of Trani. It’s surely the perfect setting: one of the most charming European fields on the sea. In this fascinating garden, you’ll take the finest photos for your romantic marriage album while enjoying the stunning surrounding panorama.
For the wedding, Swabian Castle is one more gorgeous building of Trani city, which has been built in 1230, it’s located right on the sea and in front of the Regal Cathedral, with its 4 amazing quadrangular towers: it still shows itself incomplete its Grand Splendor.

Wedding in Trani, Puglia

For your wedding in Trani, Puglia we advise you to try wonderful local fish dishes and the Moscato Di Trani, one of the most ancient and noble Apulian Wines.

 The city of Trani is rich in a historical and cultural tradition that makes it, still today, one of the most intriguing points of interest in the whole Italian Mezzogiorno, this very particular city center still preserves today, among monuments, places of interest, churches, and beaches a charm unaltered by the passing of the centuries and enriched by the signs that the various eras have brought to its appearance.

Currently, Trani presents itself to those who visit it as a typical city of Adriatic Puglia, animated by a lively port life and by a series of attractions that fall into various areas and interests, capable of satisfying the requests and desires of any type of tourist. Among the main strengths of this Apulian town, there are without a doubt the numerous beaches, beautiful to visit and very pleasant to admire.

The Adriatic coast which encloses the provinces of Trani, Bisceglie, and Barletta within a few kilometers allows hundreds of tourists and bathers every year to enjoy a clear sea and very particular beaches, whose characteristics vary from place to place.

From the sandy beach to that of pebbles or stones, in these places, you can have fun wandering around and choose the accommodation that best meets your seaside demands.

What matters most is the splendor and beauty that the Adriatic coast and the sea that laps this part of Puglia manages to offer invariably, every summer, to its visitors.

In Trani, it will be possible to stay indifferent solutions such as b & b, villas and hotels not far from the historic center, this city on the sea is about 30 km from the international airport of Bari. To get directions from the airport to Trani you can take a shuttle bus, towards the Bari station and then continue by train. To get there you can use both public transport and a car.

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