Best beaches of Otranto and surroundings

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cale d'otranto

Some of the best beaches Otranto, Salento and in the whole of Puglia.Here are the unmissable places for a perfect vacation

The beaches of Otranto and nearby locations are renowned for their beauty and variety, representing a source of pride for the whole of Italy.

Located in the most eastern end of Salento, the beaches of this warm and hospitable part of the Belpaese are very suggestive, in the more than 20 km of coastline.

At the northern end are unmissable strips of sand of Alimini Lakes, two small basins of water rich in Mediterranean vegetation, especially pines and juniper. The beaches are located just in front of the lakes and offer a unique view of the sea.

Not far from Alimini Lakes there is the famous Baia dei Turchi, one of the main seaside resorts of Salento. Its beach is a strip of white sand that goes to extinguish placidly in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. The Baia dei Turchi is located within the protected oasis of Alimini Lakes, so those who go there will find themselves immersed in the Mediterranean flora, in the midst of incredible colors and scents. Do not miss a visit to the seabed, where you can meet the sea turtles.

baia dei turchi

Best beachs otranto. Going down a little further south of Otranto you meet the beaches of Porto Badisco, a town located about 6 km from the city of Salento. Those who love diving and snorkeling will love this destination, since in the lagoon of crystal clear water formed in this small bay there are many colorful fish. Although it is one of the many secret beaches in Puglia and therefore less known than other beaches, Porto Badisco will give you great emotions, in the midst of unspoiled nature and imposing cliffs, which dominate the entire coastline.

Baia dell’Orte

Those who have planned a vacation in Otranto or for your wedding in Puglia and want to discover the beaches in its surroundings, cannot miss a visit to the Bay of Orte. The limestone cliff, the clear water of the sea and the low rocky seabed are only some of the characteristic elements of this area of Salento. In the distance you can see the lighthouse of Palascia, which marks the easternmost point of Italy, while along the paths leading to the beach you can admire some bauxite mines.


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