Masseria Potenti

Masseria Potenti

Masseria Potenti

Masseria Potenti Venue For Typical Italian Style Wedding

Masseria’s origination dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The majority of them have been transformed into resorts, hotels, and wedding or reception venues. You get to choose endless settings like by the sea, in the vineyard, among the olive trees, in front of the castle, etc.

Masseria Potenti is an oasis amidst arid scrubland. Finding the location can be difficult as it is tucked away off the track. It lies 6 Km on the outskirts of Manduria city.  

This 16th-century Masseria emits a sense of Spanish hacienda as you enter the white archway inside the sunbaked courtyard flouted by well-built watchtowers. 

The white muslins float from wooden beams guiding visitors towards a reception area filled with the aroma of flowers and dried herbs.  

Everything here is historic including the antique watering cans hanging from rafters around a swimming pool. You feel the quirky side of the other world in this estate, which makes you feel fascinated.

The main outhouse that overlooks the lush green gardens or the swimming pool has been transformed into stylish double rooms, superior suites, and suites, and in the masseria’s oldest part is an apartment with a kitchenette. 

The rooms are furnished with large antique wardrobes, small TV, comfy mattresses, and wooden double beds. The bathroom is equipped with walk-in showers, a wash basin, and toiletries. In all the structure holds 22 rooms with 46 beds. The maximum capacity of guests the farmhouse can handle is 250 indoors and 300 outdoors.

For the wedding day, Masseria offers multiple options like having the ceremony under the Agavi portico playing with sunlight, or beside the gorgeous orangery festooned with white muslin. Androna porch has a Moorish influence and is a great backdrop for winter weddings.

Potenti has its own vineyards, kitchen garden, and olive groves. Most of the food ingredients used on the menu are farm-to-table. All homemade courses and wine from their estate sound perfect.  

The menus and services will be customized according to your needs. Evening dinners can be served at long tables under the arched stone ceiling or on tables under the vine-tangled gazebo or at the poolside. The in-house restaurant provides the catering. 

Masseria is a land of sun, whose rays illuminate the pavement to the core of the farm, where a ceremony awaits the bride to walk below the white fabric shade. The white fabric shade is pushed gently, but the cool breeze gives goosebumps, even when you see the photographs of brides walking down the aisle.

Italy is a breathtaking county and taking unbreakable vows in front of friends and family is a great way to start married life. There is beauty and love everywhere – in the art, architecture, nature, and cuisine.  

Wedding venues offer specific themes and mood including wild nature, lakes, sea, castles, villas, vineyards, medieval borgos, and more. So, contact Princess Apulia for the wedding venue package.


Masseria Potenti, located in the province of Taranto and a few kilometers from the sea, creating a unique, romantic atmosphere which, combined with the breeze and sun of the Apulian lands, will make the special day perfect for the bride and groom and their guests.

This seventeenth-century structure, with its snow-white walls, lends both its indoor and outdoor spaces to settings that satisfy the tastes and preferences of the bride and groom.

The structure has 22 rooms and 46 beds, while the menu starts at 150€ per person.

Masseria Potenti


   22 different types of ROOMS (suites) with a capacity of 46 beds.

   For greater intimacy we recommend this type of location exclusively for a minimum of 3 days.

  The exclusive use can accommodate up to a maximum of 62 beds.

   The exclusivity has a cost of 6,500 euros per day

   Menu from 150€ per person

   The restaurant dining room has a maximum capacity of 250 people and 300 outdoors.

Airport Brindisi distance 50 km


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