1. Why hire us as your wedding coordinator? We help foreign couples who wish to get married in Italy to find a prestigious original, classy and breathtaking location in Apulia. A unique region full of beautiful landscapes. And in which the bride and groom can celebrate and celebrate their wedding, making it unique and memorable for both them and their guests. We manage a very limited number of clients, so we have a boutique sensibility when people experience the event we want them to say “Oh my God, it’s such an Italian atmosphere” we are able every time to give unique experiences because we are so in tune with the personality of our clients and we do everything in our power to understand their core values and personality. We do it better than our competitors who are usually disorganized, make promises that are not kept and celebrate in “commercial” places like lakes and famous villas and classic reception halls. We think of all the organization and activities to be done by the bride and groom and their guests. All this we can do even if the place is difficult to reach and if the worst happens like a storm (which can potentially ruin the day) or a relative stuck at the airport.
  2. What should I do if I have no idea what the total budget of my wedding will be? Initial contacts are for this as well, we help you define a rough budget through a series of questions, with which we can estimate what your ideal investment might be to crown your desired destination wedding.
  3. I am already working with a catering manager at my venue and he/she is very helpful. Why do I need your help? Typically, catering managers at hotels or venues are tasked with overseeing wedding details that are directly related to the venue (and sometimes even the food and beverage). It’s not in their job description to confirm your vendors, run rehearsals, supervise vendors on your wedding day, point you to the ceremony venue, and make sure all of the day’s events go according to plan. As professional wedding coordinators, our services complement the services offered by your catering manager, banquet manager and staff, and other vendors. He or she is in-house can’t handle the endless things a destination wedding requires.
  4. I am planning a destination wedding in Italy , but I live in another city/state/country, can you help me? Yes of course we can! This is mainly our specialization. In fact, about 95% of our clients do not live here in Puglia, they live all over the world. So we feel very comfortable with out of town / state / country clients and communicate with them via email, Skype, whatsapp.
  5. How many weddings do you plan per year? Per month? Per weekend? We work with a limited and select number of couples per year, we only offer “Full Service” Wedding planning.We plan approximately 10-15 weddings per year, a combination of full service clients and personalized coordination. We generally plan no more than 4 weddings per month each, with no more than one weekend wedding each. We firmly believe in not overcommitting, so we control our workloads to give our clients the time and attention they deserve!
  6. Do you have ideas on how to make my wedding special, unique and memorable? OH sure you do! One of our favorite parts of our job is working with our clients to brainstorm and create whatever it takes to make their weddings special and tailored to their personalities, likes and dislikes. This is one of the main reasons why we keep up to date with what’s new in the wedding industry, so that we can offer creative and unique ideas for our clients’ weddings and events. Also on this aspect we have a selection of suppliers specialized in this , that can always give the true Italian essence.
  7. What makes your weddings unique? DWHA magazine named us as the top destination wedding agency in Puglia for a reason! With our years of experience, friendly demeanor and creative thinking, we’ve earned a reputation as the best wedding coordination company in Puglia. We believe in translating your vision into the perfect wedding. We make every event breathe the true essence of the Italian wedding. In addition, our upbeat personality and strong work ethic combine to make Princess Apulia an active and energetic wedding planning engine.
  8. Will the coordinator I meet (during my consultation) be the same coordinator I work with all the time or will I be assigned a different person? The coordinator you meet during your initial consultation is Elena the founder and creative director, you will work with her throughout the entire wedding planning process! On your wedding day, and she will also have her assistants to help you.
  9. How do you determine which vendors to recommend to each of your clients? After careful selection and years on site, we have the best vendors to fit the specific client based on their style, personality. After meeting with you and learning more about you and your wedding, we will get to know you and know exactly which vendors are specifically for YOU!
  10. My friend had a wedding coordinator who handled the bridal party and vendors on her wedding day – will you? Oh no, that’s not how we operate! Our experience has led us to believe that we believe in vendors working as a TEAM with a common goal – the success of your wedding. We want you to have a beautiful, wonderful wedding and we work together with other vendors to create it for you. As for the bridal party, we are there to guide them on the wedding day, help them and answer any questions, not dominate them. We believe in fun, stress-free weddings for everyone involved!
  11. How long have you been in business? Princess Apulia was founded in February 2014 and since then we have been committed every day to making the weddings of the couples who choose us unique
  12. How do we know if we can have your help to organize our Wedding? After the first consultation we will have a rough idea to capture your requests, which will serve to know each other and exchange first impressions related to the basic elements: date, location, budget, most important requests. If everything goes well we will start to get into the merits, answer all your questions and define the details that will make up our offer tailored to you. You will sign a real contract the signing of the contract represents the start of the process of organization, defining mutual commitments, methods and timing of payments. Our contract includes the clauses that will protect our relationship from the first steps until the day of the event.
  13. Do you work all over Italy? No, we are in Apulia and we organize weddings in unique places in Apulia. Our job is to be always looking for beautiful and unique places that give emotions and intimacy in this beautiful region that smells of Italy.
  14. Can I ask only the coordination service on the day of the wedding or only the preparation of the location? Unfortunately not. Our choice is to give the maximum by selecting only weddings of a certain magnitude that engage us thoroughly and where we take care of a complete service and very broad. This prevents us from meeting all requests, starting with partial service requests.
  15. How do you select locations for us? We select the venues we recommend based on our chosen criteria of quality, our trusted experience, and our local knowledge. We’ve worked with many of these venues over the years, and we know every aspect because we’ve seen them in person and worked with them and trust the excellent work they offer. And we’re always looking for new venues, but the key thing for us is that they always meet our quality standards.
  16. What suppliers do you work with? Our experience has given us the opportunity to make a careful selection of unique venues and the indenrification of experienced and talented suppliers. In our 8 years of experience we have carefully selected our best partners, we recommend and work with trusted suppliers that you can really count on.
  17. What does Princess Apulia’s money back guarantee consist of? Our money back guarantee provides a 14-day money back guarantee. Send your request to info@princessapulia.com or through our contact form and we will refund the full amount you paid with no questions asked. The refund request must be made within 14 days of signing the contract.

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