Weddings in Italy Lake Como

5 Reasons Why Puglia is a Better Place for Your Destination Wedding Than Lake Como!

weddings in Italy lake como

Weddings in Italy Lake Como

If You Are Thinking About Weddings in Italy Lake Como Don’t Make Any Important Decisions Until
You Read This First …

Lake Como wedding has become one of the hottest destinations in Italy but as we shall see in this article that doesn’t mean it is the ideal place for a destination wedding.

In fact, if you are not careful a dream destination wedding in Lake Como can quickly turn into a nightmare. Let’s take a closer look at why that can happen.

Weddings in Italy Lake Como: About Lake Como

Lake Como is a wish-boned shaped lake located in the foothills of the Alps in Northern Italy.

Recently, the lake has acquired a reputation of being a playground for the wealthy. For instance, American actor George Clooney owns a home there where he spends most of his time with his wife, Amal. They are frequently visited by their celebrity friends, including Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston, Woody Harrelson and more.

As Lake Como’s profile has risen so has the desire of many couples to get married there. They picture luxury accommodations and scenic views and figure it is the ideal spot to express love for one another.

But is it really?

We examined Lake Como wedding and another location that is becoming very popular with those seeking a destination wedding – Puglia.

In our research, we found five reasons why Puglia is clearly the superior choice for an Italian destination wedding. Let us explain our findings:

Weddings in Italy Lake Como

1). Scenic Water Views

Lake Como, which is of glacial origin and is located in Lombardy, Italy, is 46 kilometers, or 28.5 miles, long. It is 4.5 kilometers, or 2.8 miles, wide at its widest point.

In total, the lake has an area of 146 square kilometers, or 56 square miles, which makes it the third-largest lake in Italy. Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore are bigger.

One of the biggest issues for those who visit Lake Como, other than the limited size of the lake, is that wealthy individuals have purchased homes around the lake making it difficult for visitors to get close to the water, especially in the more scenic areas.

Now compare that to Puglia, which boasts over 500 miles of coastline. The region, which is located in southern Italy, in the heel of the country’s boot, has charming seaside villages, dramatic cliffs overlooking the sea, white pebble beaches and more.

In fact, when visiting Puglia the sheer amount of beautiful ocean views can be overwhelming – resulting in a need for a wedding planners team , like Princess Apulia , who can help couples narrow down the available options and choose a location that is absolutely perfect for their nuptials.

Weddings in Italy Lake Como

2) Delicious Italian Cuisine

One long-time complaint for the Lake Como area is a lack of fine Italian dining options. In fact, the New York Times recently wrote “ Como has few dining options befitting the discerning Milanese.”

And because the area is the playground of the wealthy you can bet that any average or above average restaurant is booked up well in advance leaving visitors with a very limited chance of securing a table.

For those having a destination wedding in Lake Como this lack of access to quality restaurants can lead to an experience that is a let-down for their guests. No bride wants to have a wedding where guests come away disappointed and disillusioned.

For those traveling from other countries to Italy one of the draws of the country is its outstanding cuisine. To arrive in Lake Como and not have ready access to that cuisine can be very disappointing in deed.

Now let’s contrast the dining situation in Lake Como with Puglia. As a region, Puglia is known for the excellence of its food.

From orecchiette with broccoli rabe to capocollo and fava bean curd with chicory to puccia, which is a pocket-like sandwich stuffed with different fillings, the food in the area is in a word “amazing.”

Visitors to the area constantly rave about the food. It is traditional Italian fare that lends a true romanticism to the area. It’s like you are being transported back in time, when life revolved around a good meal and time passed slower.

In Puglia, you will find yourself joyfully planning your next meal and looking forward all day to the delicious dinner that awaits you.

3) Year-round Availability

Among those who are familiar with Lake Como it is a well-known fact that it is virtually deserted during the winter. It doesn’t come alive until mid to late March when the wealthy once again return to its shores and to the big villas that line the lake.

This limited availability makes it even more difficult to plan a destination wedding as more couples are competing for the limited dates that are available.

Nobody wants to get married at Lake Como in the winter!

On the other hand, Puglia offers year-round availability to couples planning a destination wedding. The region’s weather is always inviting and welcoming.

Visitors can warm up under a bright sun that is sure to cheer them up and lift them from the “winter doldrums.”

4) Expense

As the playground of the wealthy, Lake Como is naturally expensive. From rental cars to accommodations to dining prices to rental fees anyone planning a destination wedding there should be prepared to pay a premium.

If money is no object and you don’t care about quality and enjoying the best locations and facilities, then Lake Como might be for you.

But if you do care about those things, then a journey to Puglia in Southern Italy makes much more sense.

Puglia is often referred to as “Italy’s undiscovered coast” and that means you won’t have to pay the high prices that come with popularity and a large numbers of tourists.

In Puglia, rates are reasonable and you can get married in a venue that you have always dreamed about – whether that is a historic castle or a beautiful new luxury home.

One thing to keep in mind though: Even though Puglia is not the tourist destination that Lake Como is (yet) … it is drawing more and more couples looking for the perfect destination wedding.

That means to secure the most beautiful, in demand venues you should work with wedding planners – like Princess Apulia – who are familiar with the area and who have connections that will allow you to get the location you desire.

Often times, couples planning a destination wedding don’t give enough thought to who their wedding planner will be.

Not all wedding planners are the same! If you get a poor planner, you will soon find yourself comprising on your wedding dreams and you will end up with a wedding that disappoints you, your partner and your wedding guests.

To ensure you have a wedding that everyone in attendance will remember forever, contact il team today.

Weddings in Italy Lake Como

5) Natural Beauty

While Lake Como certainly has its scenic views (though regular visitors may find them marred or limited due to the wealthy having privileged access), those views certainly don’t compare to the beauty that exists in Puglia.

As we mentioned previously, Puglia has 500 miles of premier coastline. There is no doubt that you can find a rocky shore or a sandy beach to fit your needs.

There are also numerous seaside villages – like Polignano a Mare. This village is filled with charm and also has a near-by white-pebble beach and some truly breath-taking cliffs.

There are many other seaside villages – like San Vito, for instance. This town is less well-known and even less crowded than Polignano a Mare but every bit as beautiful.

And we’re just scratching the surface of what is available in Puglia. There is lush, picturesque countryside with lovely farms and, yes, the occasional castle.

We should also mention the trulli, which are limestone houses with conical roofs. These structures look like they were dreamed up by some Hollywood screen writer but they are real and they are a common sight throughout the Itria Valley, which can be found in the center of Puglia.

A town called Alberobello has the most trulli. In fact, the trulli there have been put on the Unesco World Heritage list.

The Puglia region is not just filled with beautiful architecture and beautiful nature scenes … it also has beautiful animals and beautiful, truly nice people.

For instance, when you drive the countryside you’ll see many Murgese horses. These horses are jet-black in color and large and sturdy. They have been in the area for 500 years and have been used by both farmers and by the military.

The residents of Puglia are very proud of these striking horses. And by the way, you’ll enjoy meeting the people of the Puglia region as well.

When you go through a village you’ll likely see grandmas carrying a few groceries home from the local store and grandpas playing games with their friends on the street corners.

Be warned: for most visitors coming to Puglia once is not enough, they want to come back again and again. The same is not often said about crowded, expensive Lake Como.

The Bottom Line …

Like we said earlier, if you have the money and the patience and are “easy-going” then Lake Como could be a great location for a destination wedding.

Just don’t set your sights too high and be prepared to settle for less than what you want. Reservations, accommodations, transportation can all be difficult to obtain in a timely fashion.

That’s why, if you really want to impress your guests and have a wedding that you and your spouse will remember fondly forever, we highly recommend Puglia.

It is an area filled with beauty, romance and possibilities. Just remember, get good wedding planners – like we – who knows the area and the local vendors and venues so that you can get the dream wedding you want.

If you are planning a destination wedding you want it to be special. You shouldn’t have to compromise and settle for “less.”

By choosing Puglia – and we as your wedding planners – you can ensure you get the perfect wedding whether that is at a castle, on the seaside or on a farm in the country.

Il team Princess Apulia is also highly skilled at decorating so you can count on their to set the perfect scene for your wedding and she will walk you through the entire legal process so that you can be sure that you fill out the proper paperwork.

Few things are more frustrating than planning a destination wedding and then realizing once you are in the country that you didn’t complete the proper paperwork and can’t get married.

Don’t let that happen to you! Hire Princess Apulia as your wedding planners and guarantee your wedding in Puglia goes according to plan.

Avoid the crowds, the stress, the uncertainty and the rush that comes with a destination weddings in Italy Lake Como. Choose Puglia instead … you’ll always be glad that you did! >>> Contact us

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