Castello Marchione

Castello Marchione

Castello Marchione

Castello Marchionne Wedding Venue For Adding Historical Charm

Puglia is an authentic region in Italy. The lengthy, narrow peninsula is emerging as a fantastic wedding destination. Each celebration and festivities combine centuries of history with traditional culinary and vibrant culture. The backdrop is wedding perfect with enchanting landscapes, white beaches, medieval towns, sublime weather, wine orchards, olive trees, oak forests, and sea breeze.

The Castello Marchionne has been left behind with a historical charm since the 16th century. It is located in Puglia’s Salento region and got its name from Basilian monks who settled there. Counts of Conversano, who resided 6 km away, used the castle as their summer residence and hunting lodge.

It is a private property, which is used for weddings, receptions, and business meetings, since 1993. The castle has a rectangular layout with 4 cylindrical towers erected at every corner. It includes three floors – ground, mezzanine, and upper.  

The circular window terraces on the exterior of the facades look stunning. The staircase used for upper floor access has multiple flights and is equipped with an elegant balustrade. The rear and the main portico are symmetrical and multilateral including three artistic light windows.

There are rooms and rooms across the castle. Couples can plan in the day or evening or even in winter. 

Day Wedding 

There are multiple spaces with ideal settings ranging from Garden at Statues to Garden of Chess or Winter Garden. Flowers, palms, trees, and ivy leaves clinging to the walls along with bright sunlight illuminating the exteriors and interiors.  

For day weddings, the couple can enjoy a civil ceremony with a garden lunch just in front of the elegant castle. If it is a marriage ceremony then lunch can be planned in the Venus room.

Evening wedding 

A roofing of hundreds of lanterns candles, and light beams create a perfect backdrop for an enchanting outdoor night wedding. It seems like a wedding under the stars.  

An aperitif at red sunset followed with dinner under soft lights in the rooms and dancing near crystal waters reflecting towers seems enchanting. Dinner can be planned in the garden outdoors or in the Venus room.

The Castle venue is authorized for civil marriages, so you can plan it in the Ivy Court during the night or daytime. 

Winter or Christmas wedding 

The Castle Marchionne captures every festive color including the traditions and symbols to offer a unique wedding. Among Christmas trees, decorations, lights, wreaths, and mistletoe hanging, the wedding whites are attached with red table cloths.  

Guests and the newlywed couple will feel the winter magic around and even in the gastronomic specialties revealing Christmas Holidays.

Themed weddings include the wedding of towers, wine wedding, angel & hearts, lemon tree, etc. You can get in touch with Princess Apulia to book the venue to gain more information.? 

The castle has one room for the newlyweds but needs a minimum of 100 guests. The food is prepared exclusively by castle staff and the menu starts at 150 euros per head. Couples can even book the entire venue for their festivities and ceremony.


The castle of Marchione, or Villa Marchione, is about six kilometers from Conversano and 30 kilometers from Bari airport.

This dream location has a room dedicated to the newlyweds and requires a minimum of 100 guests.

The menu starts at 150€ per person and is exclusively prepared by the castle staff.

If you have always wanted to feel like a princess, at a fairytale wedding, this is the perfect location for you.

Castello Marchione


  1 room for the bride and groom

   Possibility to rent the whole structure

  150 pp menu

   Civil ceremony

   Minimum 100 guests

  Distance Bari airport 30 km


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