Castello Monaci

Castello Monaci

Castello Monaci



The Monaci Castle is located in the center of Salento, 40 km from Brindisi airport, close to the sea and nestled in the green countryside, among expanses of olive trees and vineyards.

It has 8 rooms “Le Scuderie” and 5 rooms in the villa. The villa must be rented exclusively for one week, with a price starting at 4.000€.

However, double rooms in Le Scuderie, can be rented for one night at a price of 130 euros per night, per room, with breakfast included.

The menu for the reception starts at 125€ per person.

Castello Monaci


  18 rooms available “Le Scuderie”
and 5 rooms in villa.

   The villa is to be rented exclusively
for a 1 week stay, price from € 4,000

   Double rooms in Le Scuderie can be rented for 1 night and the price is 130 euro per night, per room, with breakfast included

  Menu from 125€ per person.

Airport Brindisi distance 40 km


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