Castello Monaci

Castello Monaci

Castello Monaci

Castello Monaci – A Fairytale Castle Wedding Venue

Getting married at the ancient castle located in the striking Italian countryside sounds to be one of the kinds in terms of romantic settings to exchange ‘I do’ vows. The majestic castle nestles in the heart of Puglia’s Salento region.

It is surrounded by gorgeous parks blossomed with colorful flowers reflecting in pool waters. The background for an outdoor wedding ceremony is magic and will get etched in everyone’s memories for life.

Castello Monaci is popular as a fairytale castle with a stunning courtyard garden and intricate crenelated walls. It has become a famous wedding venue in the southern Italian Peninsula.

Couples can plan a beach wedding at the fantastic Ionian Sea, which is just 20 km away, or choose a magnificent vineyard or winery as the venue for the festivities. Hall of Shields or the inner courtyard forms a great venue for the wedding.

Many evocative outdoor marriage settings to take your wedding vows range from Garden of Statues to Chess Garden to Winter Garden passing through the Piazzale d’Armi and Corbezzoli Garden.

Interior choices include the stunning Apulia’s color and sun brightening the elegant interior furnishing, the Hall of Mirrors, the Fencing Hall, the Hall of Shields, and The Saracen’s Hall. 

The castle has eight rooms in La Scuderie and five rooms within the villa. Couples will need to rent the villa exclusively for 7 days and the price starts at 4000 euros. Le Scudeire has double rooms that you can rent for 130 euros per night/room [breakfast included]. For more details about the reception and catering packages fill out a request form and contact Princess Apulia.

The Castle produces the best wines from indigenous grapes, so the wines served will be exclusive. Everything chosen will be right and up to standard. They even offer the bridal suite at Le Scuderie. The castle even has guest rooms, which is a great solution for night accommodations. 

The Salice Salentino municipality has authorized the location as a wedding venue, so couples can enjoy civil weddings. They can exchange rings in a room rich in traditions or walk down the white staircase to reach the center of a blossoming garden and a light breeze caressing your cheeks as you say ‘I do’.

It is the start of a new chapter in life you celebrate with closest friends and relatives between palm trees and charming ancient walls. You can concentrate on every event from ceremony to aperitif, and from banquet, to throwing bouquet exclusively by choosing many stunning spaces you can incorporate and experience.

At the Castle, each wedding event is unique and special. Couples can even have a night ceremony under the canopy of lanterns and candles that look like beacons and fireflies that improve the glorious citadel. The atmosphere is perfect for dancing, music, and enjoying the festivities at the wedding.


The Monaci Castle is located in the center of Salento, 40 km from Brindisi airport, close to the sea and nestled in the green countryside, among expanses of olive trees and vineyards.

It has 8 rooms “Le Scuderie” and 5 rooms in the villa. The villa must be rented exclusively for one week, with a price starting at 4.000€.

However, double rooms in Le Scuderie, can be rented for one night at a price of 130 euros per night, per room, with breakfast included.

The menu for the reception starts at 125€ per person.

Castello Monaci


  18 rooms available “Le Scuderie”
and 5 rooms in villa.

   The villa is to be rented exclusively
for a 1 week stay, price from € 4,000

   Double rooms in Le Scuderie can be rented for 1 night and the price is 130 euro per night, per room, with breakfast included

  Menu from 125€ per person.

Airport Brindisi distance 40 km


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