In Puglia Stanley Johnson, father of the British prime minister: stop also in Trani

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Apulian News

Stanley Johnson in Puglia

Led by Ambassador Nancy Dell’Olio, she recounted her journey on The Sun

Not just any public figure who in recent days has become the protagonist of a tour in Puglia as a journalist sent by the Daily Mail: it is Stanley Johnson, father of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as well as politician, writer, and Member of Parliament European for the Conservative Party.

It is on the site of the well-known English newspaper, The Sun, that Stanley recounted his journey to the most characteristic places of Puglia, from the Valle d’Itria to Castel del Monte, also passing by Trani: “I have been to Italy many times during the years but I had never visited Puglia. The time had come to make amends.

Flying to Bari, I will never forget that first night when we drove a few kilometers from the nearby town of Trani. We crossed the narrow streets of the old town towards the sea. When we arrived, night had fallen and the Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino, which stood sheer above the sea, was lit by floodlights.

Although Trani can trace its origins back to the imperial age of Rome, it is Frederick II, who really made his mark in this city. He built the walls and the spectacular castle that dominates the square ».

With him Michael Karam, expert wine journalist and correspondent of the Bosidale magazine, of the Guardian of the tabloid The Spectator; and Hugo Campbell Davis, publisher, and owner of the magazine Urbanologie, dedicated to British tourists interested in luxury.

Of the Trulli of Alberobello, of the Valle d’Itria as of Castel del Monte and Polignano a Mare, Staley was accompanied by the ambassador of Puglia in the world Nancy Dell’Olio, the glamorous lawyer born in New York and originally from Bisceglie.

The group traveled on vintage cars “in order to explore the motorways and secondary roads of rural Puglia, with its fields, olive groves and old farmhouses, with style,” said Stanley for TheSun. “My car was an 1973 Alfa Romeo Duetto open-air, with a body designed by the famous Battista” Pinin “Farina”. An unforgettable journey that Stanley has called “a magical tour of the mystery of Puglia”.

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