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Wedding Packages in Italy

Hey there, are you looking for your dream wedding in Italy? Then you’re in the right place! Princess Apulia is here to help you make your dream of an unforgettable wedding in Puglia a reality.

If you’re looking to plan your dream wedding in Italy, there’s no better way to do it than by choosing one of our wedding packages. Each package has been carefully crafted and tailored to offer our clients a unique and unforgettable experience.

From the picturesque hills of Ostuni to the stunning beaches of Gallipoli, Princess Apulia has everything you need to create the perfect wedding. Our packages include everything necessary to make your big day a success, from photography and videography services to decorations and entertainment, all the way to high-quality catering.

But don’t think our packages are rigid or pre-defined, quite the contrary! We’re happy to customize each package to meet your specific needs and desires. Whether you’re looking for a rustic and chic wedding or an elegant and refined ceremony, we at Princess Apulia will be happy to create the perfect package for you.

We’re certain that once you see our packages, you won’t be able to resist the beauty and magic of Puglia. So don’t hesitate to learn more about our wedding packages in Italy. We’re ready to help you make your dream wedding come true in one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world


For Two

Our best wedding packages in Italy, Puglia for two are the best option for those looking for a super romantic and intimate wedding.

Make your promise to love forever in one of our most beautiful venues… Please note that all of our Italy, Puglia wedding packages and prices apply for two people only.

In the event that you wish to bring a few more people, a package surcharge of €100 and dinner charges apply for each person joining your intimate wedding.

You can upgrade any of our Puglia wedding packages by choosing extra services, such as photographer, beautician, musicians, etc.

Just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to arrange anything you might need!

Enjoy our superb Puglia wedding packages for two collections.

wedding packages italy for two


For Fifty, Seventy or More

Your dreams, desires, and needs are a dream for us to bring to life!

The care for every single detail and the love for our work give life every time to a completely unique final result that will make your wedding in Puglia an exciting and unforgettable memory!

This package is dedicated to all the couples who love to celebrate their wedding with a larger number of guests and who do not want to waste time searching for ideas and suppliers in Italy.

This package is available only for intimate weddings with up to 50 people.

In case of more than 50 people, an extra charge of 150 euros will be applied. In case there are more people attending, please contact us for our custom wedding planning services.

wedding packages italy for ten

Tips to Plan Italian Destination Wedding

Communicating wedding vows in front of family and friends in the most breathtaking country Italy sounds topnotch. There are some good reasons like you desire to capture the feel of romance just like you heard in movies of Italian love songs and experience it…..sounds a little cliché! Fortunately, Italy does not lack mesmerizing backdrops including dazzling ocean views, cool breezes flowing around, rippling wine regions intoxicating the surrounding, and romantic cities whispering love stories of the past. The destination offers incredible panoramas, grand art & architecture, and mouthwatering gastronomy, and transforms the ceremonies hosted here into a fascinating experience. 

Tips to plan an Italian destination wedding

Determine a budget

The first thing that enters into mind is the destination wedding cost. The main things that impact the overall marriage cost are location, venue, how many guests you will invite, floral, food & drinks, entertainment, and lighting. In terms of location, couples majorly choose Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Lake Garda, Lake Como, Venice, Apulia, etc. 

Determining a budget is not fun, but is necessary to ensure that all the associated decisions are made without stress. Planning a wedding involves plenty of things and the couples need to be clear about every aspect and cost. Set a maximum affordable budget, so you can start setting priorities. 

If you are attracted to Apulia, then check out the wedding packages Italy on this link. She is a luxury wedding planner and has been helping couples host memorable weddings in Puglia. She can find an ideal venue ranging from beautiful farms to scenic parks and waterfront views to Masseria and castles. 

Define your priorities

Identify what matters most, which will help you and your fiancé spend dollars effectively. Sometimes, what sparks the couples may be not possible at the venue.

So, it is better to have clarity of what is important and non-negotiable. 

  • How do you envision your special day? 
  • What kind of wedding do you have in mind – casual or luxurious? City or countryside?
  • Rank which wedding components are crucial to you – location & venue, design & décor, music & entertainment food & drinks, as well as other activities. 
  • Do you wish guests to stay at the wedding venue or just close family or friends?
  • What’s the flight length for a destination wedding? Is the venue 2 hours away from the airport? [It is the last thing anyone will want to do after a lengthy 14 to 15 hours flight].
  • Does dancing until early morning matter? [You will need to ask if the venue allows it because there may be buildings or homes nearby].

Some venues never allow fireworks or have some protocols that are not suitable to your priorities. Some villas are panoramic, but have no parking spots or are situated on narrow roads. Check on Google before choosing. You will need to offer guests transportation in several situations. However, a professional wedding planner will help to coordinate with the local vendors. 

Wedding month or season

Be flexible about date selection because flexibility is the best approach when looking for an ideal wedding venue. However, you need to be certain about the month of the wedding celebrations. It ensures you get ideal seasonal quotes from suppliers and vendors. Unless you have a specific fate, which has special meaning you don’t need to set an exact date. 

In Italy, spring or fall is an ideal time to host a destination wedding for many couples. It helps to avoid the extreme summer heat wave as well as drizzle and cold in winter. If you dream of an outdoor wedding dinner then choose a warm summer month, but if you adore lush greens then April or May are the months with colorful spring palettes. In case you choose September or October then the wedding planner infused creativity with autumn leaves colors. 

Choosing a late autumn or early spring date is helpful to save dollars but hotel accommodation rates and airfare is the same. Nevertheless, the popular wedding venues as well as suppliers charge the same from April to October. The thing that impacts the budget is choosing a weekday date. The most dates in demand are Saturdays and Weekends. 

Choose an ideal venue

You will need to start early because you need to find out if the venue is available on the scheduled wedding date. Even you will need to ensure that the potential venue can accommodate the guest number and budget. Consider venue accessibility and guest transportation. 

A wedding is costly even if you plan it in your region but you desire a unique and classy celebration in Italy. It is sensible to have a dedicated budget and break the cost down. First, handle the venue and then discuss exciting things like dinner, décor, and entertainment options. 

Italy wedding offers an array of celebration options but everything depends on the budget and costs. There are also many things that couples ask for like photography & video services, tailored stationery invitations, live bands, fireworks, extra activities for guests, etc. 

Finding the ideal venue is essential first and then you can plan other things. A professional wedding planner will help couples with different desires and preferences to find an ideal solution that reflects their style, and personality, and the vibe stays within the budget. 

Food & drinks

Italy serves different varieties of food based on the Bride & Groom’s taste. A buffet is a crowd-pleaser including cheese stations and charcuterie. The wedding can help couples taste complimentary dinners with a reliable caterer. Caterers are experts and you can lean on them because they recognize the dishes and flavors. 


The US citizens complete a legal civil ceremony home before they fly to Italy. They host a symbolic wedding that is easy and less costly. If couples choose to legally get married then the US couples need to show ID proof and an affidavit from Italy’s American consulate. This is then legalized with Italian Court or Italian Consulate

All the legal wedding paperwork takes a couple of months to conclude. The couples need to arrive one week in Italy before the ceremony. They need to show their presence in chosen cities court on a few specific days. 

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