5 must-haves for Rustic Wedding Tables

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The rustic style has become one of the most beloved for decorating a wedding table, but there are some must-haves that can’t be missed at all. What are they? Come and find out with us!

Do you have a bohemian spirit and have chosen a florid country setting for your wedding day? If you are planning a country reception and you are looking for tips for setting up your big party, do not miss the 5 must-haves for a flawless country-style banquet. Tips for perfect table decorations, including ideas for wedding place cards, designer accessories, and hints that will probably also be useful when choosing wedding favors. We bet you’ll consider more than one?

1. Original decorations for the tables? Yes, but with vegetables!

If the authenticity of the bucolic life has always attracted you and you want this to be the common thread of your wedding, prick up your ears. What would you think if we suggested decorating the tables of the banquet with compositions of fruits and vegetables? You got it right, it’s time to take a tour of the shelves of your favorite market!

In recent years, the colors of fruits and vegetables radiate the world of wedding banqueting and are presented in the most authentic combinations, now artichokes, pears and leaves of lettuce gentilina can be raw materials for a beautiful centerpiece, as well as delicious bunches of tomatoes placed in baskets of Havana paper or wooden boxes.

Not only vegetables but also dried or simply fresh fruit, beautiful and good to taste!
But that’s not all, let’s not forget the aromatic herbs! Chives, rosemary, laurel, as well as being essential elements in the dishes, could also be in fact surprising DIY wedding placeholders easy to make.

wedding decorations for the tables vegetables

2. Wildflowers in colorful shades

Thanks to their vigorous hues, wildflowers can transform even a very simple table in a rural farmhouse into something truly extraordinary.
For this reason, if your wedding will take place in a farmhouse or a country house, decorate the banquet and spaces with bunches of beautiful daisies, cornflowers, lavender, delicate jasmine, and brightly colored berries, such as that bright red holly, and put them on the table in glass bottles, preferably small and round, or in hemp baskets.

Even from wildflowers, you can make beautiful centerpieces and placeholders of an original wedding to put on the table along with the mise en place with jute ribbons and cards with the date of your wedding accompanied by a quote from an author or a phrase of love.

Wildflowers in colorful shades wedding table

3. Shabby chic tables and chairs

A style of furniture that draws its origins and influences from the typical country houses of the Victorian Age, the castles of the Loire Valley from France and even the Shaker, the quintessential American style of furniture that has inspired many of the famous modernist designers.

Of course, shabby chic could not but land in the world of wedding! And it is precisely in the rustic style wedding that are used tables and chairs strictly in wood apparently wasted, with simple paintings and slightly faded. Essential elements, but cared for in small detail.

Shabby chic tables and chairs wedding

4 Rustic Wedding. Wood, wood … and more wood!

As we said before in a rustic reception wood reigns supreme: the aperitif can be placed for example on drawers and consoles with a retro tone, or on wine barrels, especially if the latter will be the fil rouge of your reception and you have chosen a bottle of wine as original wedding favors for your guests.

Whether it’s a long imperial table or individual tables, each of them will not lack wood details, such as wood plates made of slices of wood trunk, candlesticks made with branches and foliage to be combined with a refined mise en place composed of vintage crystal glasses and ceramic plates of bright colors.

wood wedding decoration for rustic wedding

Fabrics: which ones to choose for a rustic wedding?

Certainly the natural ones! For the table linen of your banquet, choose fabrics perfectly matched to the theme of the surrounding nature, linen, jute or raffia are those that fit like a glove. You will find placemats in roller version, comfortable and informal, single placemats, or a large tablecloth that covers the entire extent of the table. The colors can range from yellow ochre, acid green, orange, blue but can also be adopted the total white to give the whole a veil of classicism.

fabric table for wedding

Have you already decided on the style of your wedding? Our ideas for the embellishment of the wedding banquet can be a useful source of inspiration not only for the tables but also for the overall layout of the reception and those small but very important elements, such as the materials of which will be composed the wedding favors, furniture, and even the bouquet. Which of these do you opt for?

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