Southern Italy Wedding Venues

Take Your Pick of Charming Hills, Villages, Towns, and Castles for a Fairytale Marriage in Italy!

Southern Italy Wedding Venues

Souther Italy Wedding Venues

Celebrating a marriage in southern Italy wedding venues is like being able to live in a fairy tale … there simply isn’t much that could be more charming and romantic!

Of course, arranging a marriage in this country, especially if you are located somewhere outside the country can be very stressful. There is much to do and the language barrier can make getting it all done very difficult.

That’s where we come in. Just let us know about your marriage wishes and we’ll be happy to guide and help you find the southern Italy wedding venues that’ll best suit you – a venue that will truly stand out and that will impress you and your guests.

Leave nothing to chance: benefit from the assistance of a skilled team of marriage

planners: we’ve planned various ceremonies in the most elegant southern Italian wedding destinations and can therefore help you fulfill your wishes and desires.

After all, few things are worse for a couple planning to get married than hiring the wrong wedding planner. The wrong planner will increase your stress instead of decrease it and may force you to settle for things that are less than what you pictured in your dream wedding.

Don’t let this happen to you! We can make sure you get the wedding of your dreams in the truly beautiful land that is Southern Italy.

The area’s wonderful towns, villages, castles, and buildings are so beautiful that you can’t help but fall in love with them: appealing and charming, they forever offer the promise of something romantic and new.

Enjoy this unique choice of venues and discover your charming and romantic southern Italy wedding venues. We’ve carefully picked the ideal locations for a truly matchless, unique Italian marriage.

These venues will allow you to offer your guests a truly memorable event that will give them joy now and will also be a happy memory when they think back on their exciting trip to Southern Italy.

Our grooms and brides want to experience the real Italian touch and atmosphere during their life’s biggest event and we, therefore, pay very close attention to finding the most

charming destinations.

Every groom and bride differs from one another and every marriage is a unique, incomparable celebration that must be tailored and thoughtfully planned. But one thing almost all brides and grooms can agree on is wanting to provide a truly memorable and enjoyable event for their guests.

So whether you would love to celebrate a little, intimate marriage or luxurious huge event, we’ll help you find the ideal place!

Discover the possibilities awaiting you in romantic southern Italy wedding venues!

Weddings in Puglia

Apulia is a charming place located in the southern part of Italy, it’s filled with elegant landscape, tradition, history, tastes, and spirituality and due to this it has a lot to offer tourists.

The sea is one of those precious things – amazing beaches stretch over 850 Km of coastline which are spotted with steep cliffs and pure white sand that are sure to impress each visitor to this area where the Ionian sea combines with the Adriatic sea.

If you want to offer yourself and your guests a truly memorable experience, a seaside wedding may be just the thing – and we can help you find the perfect spot.

Sea lovers have various options in Apulia that will allow them to enjoy an amazing beach or discover the shoreline from a boat.

But this location is not only about the sea: one more great reason to pick Apulia is the charm and beauty of its inland towns and villages which are full of history and divine tradition.

It is pleasant indeed to walk through the village, along the antique stone alleys, between stunning frescoed churches and homes excavated in stone.

Alberobello is the village of the Trulli, antique and peculiar pure white stone round homes that serve as a unique and valuable destination for a wedding.

Extraordinary Castle for a Wedding in Apulia

There is a magical castle filled with romance in Puglia that is a great location for a gorgeous wedding in south Italy!

While not all wedding planners may be able to secure this location, or even know about it, we can help you have your dream wedding inside its hallowed walls.

This is an amazing destination with elegant gardens and historical furniture for an individual high-end ceremony in Puglia. The castle is one the most known Italian wedding venues and provides an exceptional service for the demanding couple.

The area is well located near Lecce, one of the most visually stunning cities in Southern Italy with its extremely special and unique development.

In the castle, there are rooms for the main family as well as for guests and it’s possible to stay for a minimum number of nights. Celebrations can last until a later time as this is a tradition in a wedding in SALENTO Italy.

If you want to have a truly memorable experience and you want your guests to be impressed not just by the love that exists between you and your partner but also in your consideration of where to get married – this may be the perfect place for your wedding!

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