Cost of weddings in Italy? Average cost of Italian wedding per 100 people

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cost of italian wedding

How much does it cost of weddings in Italy in 2021? The Average cost of Italian wedding for 100 people invited to the church or the municipality, for wedding dress catering photos hairdresser and lunch

How much does it cost to organize a wedding in Italy in 2021?

Today, to organize a wonderful wedding, you must necessarily start from the development of costs and analysis of the budget that the married couple, and their families, can spend for the most beautiful day.

To fall within the costs, we must then also be careful not to get carried away and to eliminate, as far as possible, the most superfluous and unnecessary items of expenditure and focus on what is really important for the bride and groom.

So let’s see how to organize a wedding based on the cost of wedding 2021 in the church or the municipality, the number of people 100 sent or 200, the cost of makeup bride, hairstyle, professional photos, flowers, catering, location, etc…

How much does it cost a wedding in 2021?

What is the average cost of Italian wedding for 100 people?

The cost of weddings in Italy can vary greatly depending on the number of guests, the dress chosen by the bride and groom, the location, and additional services, such as photo shoots, movies, flowers, music, car that many times raise prices out of all proportion and that is why you need to be prudent and practical sense.

You must then calculate that the average cost to organize a wedding in Italy is 15,000 – 20,000 but can easily get to higher figures, 30-40,000 euros or even get to figures, around 80,000 – 100,000 euros or even more.

In addition, you have to consider that the cost of marriage in Italy, can also vary from region to region and from city to city, so even if the bride and groom of the south usually spend more, those of the center and north, with the same services, pay higher costs.

Average cost of Italian wedding for 100 people: between 15 and 20,000 euros

According to a recent analysis conducted by Compass and ProntoPro., the average wedding cost for 100 people starts from a minimum of 15,000 euros, but to this figure must be added further costs not included, including the location, the wedding favors, makeup, and hairstyle for the bride, makeup for the mothers of the bride and groom, refreshments and honeymoon.

The aforementioned research found that in the first months of the year, the highest expense paid for weddings in Italy was for catering with an average cost of 7,500 euros.

If this same item of expenditure, is compared with that of other cities, however, emerges another fact, in Naples for a wedding lunch 100 guests is spent up to 11 thousand euros, in Potenza, Genoa, Campobasso or Cagliari, however, only 6 thousand euros.

Another item that affects a lot on the final cost of a wedding is the wedding dress. If the dress, in fact, is chosen sartorially, the average price is 5,000 euros, less if you opt for simpler models.

As regards, however, the music in church, during the wedding lunch or dinner and celebrations, the costs vary, and even a lot, from city to city, for example, wedding music in Bari costs 820 euros and 800 euros in Florence, but if you also need a DJ, then the cost goes up another 500-600 euros.

In Perugia and Venice, the costs for music are on average 400 euros while in Ancona and Cagliari, prices are even lower, about 305 euros.

Wedding costs 2021:

Cost of Weddings in Italy

What are the costs of weddings 2021? How much does it cost to make a wedding, today in Italy?

make up bride cost of weddings in Italy

To help you understand what are the costs that most affect the budget of the bride and groom, we wanted to prepare an explanatory table with minimum costs, from, and maximum costs, up to a maximum of, for the most important items of expenditure related to the costs of marriage, from the dress to the shoes, from the cost makeup bride 2021 to the price hairstyle hair bride 2021 from catering to music.

Obviously, the table with the wedding prices is purely indicative and may vary, and even a lot, if the bride and groom, to save something here or there, adapt to DIY or if they use, for the organization of their most beautiful day, a professional Wedding Planner, or if the ceremony takes place in a church or at the Municipality.

Let’s start by seeing the cost wedding 2021: here are the major items of expenditure that most affect the final price of the wedding for 100 people:

Wedding Cost 2021:

minimum price maximum cost

  • Wedding dress cost from 600-700 euros to 10,000 euros
  • Veil prices from 100 euros to 2,000 euros
  • Bridal Shoes cost from 100 euros to 500 euros
  • Gloves and Lingerie from 100 euros to 1,000 euros
  • Bridal makeup from 100 euros to 500 euros
  • Bridal hairstyle from 200 euros to 500 euros
  • Groom dress from 500 euros to 5.000 euros
  • Wedding rings from 200 euro to 1.000 euro
  • Car rental from 500 euro to 1.500 euro
  • Photographic service and movie from 1000 euro to 8.000 euro
  • Lunch – wedding dinner 100 people from 5,000 euros – 50/p 15,000 euros – 150/p
  • Location from 1.500 euros to 5.000 euros
  • Music from 300 euros to 800-1.00 euros
  • Favors from 500 euros to 2,500 euros
  • Honeymoon from 5,000 euros to 15-20,000 euros

According to the above table, the average cost of Italian wedding from 15,000 to 75,000-80,000 euros but it all depends on the choices of the bride and groom.

Cost of marriage in church or in the municipality, cheap DIY or wedding planner

As mentioned above, the cost of a wedding also depends on whether the ceremony is held in a church or at City Hall, in City Hall, or you opt for a symbolic wedding. In fact, there are, today, many newlyweds to save on costs, prefer to marry in the municipality, in order to avoid paying numerous floral decorations for the church, the offers ranging from a minimum of 100 euros to a maximum of 800-1000 euros, the music accompanying the bride, etc…

Organize a beautiful wedding simple and inexpensive without having to spend a fortune, it is possible thanks to DIY or reducing the cost of marriage with cunning such as limiting the number of guests, get married on Friday instead of Saturday or Sunday, get married out of season, organize the ceremony and celebration in the same location, prepare the wedding favors yourself, choose seasonal flowers and not precious, reduce the number of courses during the wedding lunch, avoid overpriced wines, make only a small wedding cake for photos and prepare other less decorative for guests, etc…

Let’s see now the difference in costs of weddings in Italy 2021 in church, at the City Hall, cheap DIY, or with a wedding planner.

  • Wedding cost 2020 in church: 16 euros stamp, offers, music, decorations from 400 euros to 1,500 euros
  • Wedding at the Municipality costs: publications stamp duty 16 euros and decorations from 100 euros to 150 euros
  • Wedding cheap, DIY price: from 5,000 euros to 8,000 euros
  • Wedding planner cost: from 2,000 euros to ……… euro

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