Drip cake for wedding, a new trend

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Have you already chosen the cake for your wedding? Today I want to tell you about the latest fashion in the field of cake design that is quickly conquering the hearts of many brides; it is the Drip Cake for wedding, a name that literally means “cake that drips” and actually if you browse the gallery of images that I have included for you, you can immediately understand why this name and what is then the main feature of this cake.

The wedding cake is gaining more and more importance within the wedding day; is changing a little ‘what was the way to see the classic cake in our Italian tradition and if on the one hand, the Anglo-Saxon style wedding cake have brought a revolution in terms of aesthetics, on the other hand, there is a need to review a little’ in taste, because the covers in sugar paste and various glazing are not very popular with the palates of international guests and,  for this reason, especially in recent years, we have been able to witness a transition towards the famous “naked cake” and more recently with this very original drip cake, two alternatives that combine the most contemporary aesthetics of American cake design with the deliciousness and authenticity of the famous Italian pastry.

Drip Cake, the evolution of the wedding cake

Each area related to marriage, is subject, from year to year, to changes dictated by the fashion of the moment and trends that are going to impose in this romantic landscape, of course, the wedding cake can not escape these “evolutions” and “innovations”, one of them is the drip cake for marriage, a very original cake that will surely be unexpected for your guests.

This cake comes directly from Australia and takes inspiration from the painting movement of Jackson Pollock, one of the greatest representatives of abstract expressionism or action painting and especially from his painting technique, called precisely “drip painting”, a way of painting in which the color is made to drip on the canvas.
Just take a look at some of the painter’s works to immediately understand their correlation with the wedding drip cake and drips of chocolate, ganache or caramel that originate from the top of the cake, dripping down all the edges.

Drip cake, different styles and decorations

The structure of this cake is reminiscent of the concept of naked cake, the “naked cake” with the base of sponge cake left exposed but develops more in the height of the layers, providing for higher floors or possibly even only one but much more impressive than the height present in the classic cakes, this is because from the walls will be made to drip one or more sauces, consequently, the more the wall will be high, the more the effect will be beautiful.
It may seem a random decoration but, in fact, there must be behind a great skill on the part of the cake designer who will have to calibrate very well the consistency of the coverage that will drip on the walls to ensure that it solidifies at the right height creating a beautiful effect to drops.

One of the most beautiful features of the drip cake is that it lends itself to many customizations, both from the point of view of the internal filling that covers and external decorations, the same sauces in fact that will drip from the walls, can be caramel, ganache or poured chocolate or used mixed together with more layers and also possibly, colored with food coloring.
On the top of the cake and along the entire surface of the walls, as well as at the base, can be inserted both edible decorations such as: pralines, chocolates, fresh fruit, sugar flowers, candies, mashmallows, macaroons, chocolate sculptures or even caramelized popcorn and much more, and other decorative elements such as fresh flowers.


You will be spoiled for choice in the decorations for your drip cake but remember that, even if the cake will be one of the last elements of your wedding that guests will see, this does not mean that it should not follow the thread that was chosen for the day of your wedding indeed, in the cake should be present with force following perfectly the style chosen in the wedding trying to enhance it as best as possible.

Here then that the drip cake can take on different aspects depending on the style you choose for your wedding:

Rustic drip cake

With an irregular and imprecise covering, which leaves the sponge cake insight in some points; in this case, the most suitable sauce for the drip effect could be a dense caramel with its amber color that could perfectly match a country style.

rustic wedding drip cake

Romantic drip cake

It should have a more refined look, in this case prefer floral decorations and maybe choose delicate nuances such as pastel colors. Even the taste should be romantic, for example a light filling of chantilly cream and raspberries.

romantic drip cake

Minimal drip cake

Very essential, without too many decorations, clean and linear but at the same time sophisticated. In this case, the cover must be very precise and completely smooth, I recommend white because it will bring out much better the drip effect or use unusual metallic effects such as gold and silver, very minimal decorations will also be placed without exaggeration maybe only on top of the cake, remember that in this case should stand out only the beauty and uniqueness of the drip effect, with no need to add anything else.

small wedding cake white

Elegant drip cake

A more classic and formal wedding, in which, however, you want to surprise your guests with a cake more original than usual. Surely, in this case, it is advisable to keep the surface of the drip cake completely covered with a neutral color, without showing the sponge cake underneath, and for the drip effect I would not exclude a bright gold color.

elegant wedding cake on the table

Original drip cake

A version let’s say a little ‘more extravagant and eccentric, in this case, you can really give free rein to your imagination playing with both different colors with many decorative elements placed on it, even the most unusual.

original chocolate drip cake on the wood table

Drip cake mignon

Small drip cakes in miniature, a single portion for each guest, or to add to the dessert table. They should be taken care of in every detail even if recreated in a smaller size; they will be appreciated and sure to impress your guests.


The drip cake for your wedding is really a very original idea that will give your wedding a more imaginative touch but above all, in this cake, you can get a perfect balance of aesthetic beauty and gastronomic goodness and I must say that it managed to win me over immediately, especially in its more romantic version that I find perfect for an Apulian outdoor wedding.

I really hope that my tips on drip cake for weddings have been useful and that these images can be a source of inspiration for you, let me know what you think and if you still have any doubt on the subject, do not hesitate to contact me, II will be happy to answer any of your questions and maybe even organize your wedding in Puglia with a beautiful drip cake.

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