Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Children-Friendly Wedding Venue

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Weddings Tips

Chiostro dei Domenicani
Chiostro dei Domenicani

A wedding day is the biggest day for men and women who were waiting to live that moment. Hence, everyone wants their big day to be the special one. No one will want to have any unfortunate event ruin the day, but when it comes to weddings one of the major concerns is to plan a wedding that would be safe for all especially, the kids.  

Planning for the perfect wedding 

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What to look for when you’re choosing a safe wedding venue? 

If you’re looking for a place where adults can enjoy the ceremony without worrying about the kids and kids can play with all joy then here are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when you’re choosing one: 

  • Safety: this is the first parameter that a wedding venue should fulfill to be a child-friendly wedding venue. Hence, keep an eye on the doors and their opening and also over the pool whether they are fenced or not.  
  • Play and enjoy: a kid can’t sit quietly and watch the whole ceremony especially the smaller kids. Hence, check if the venue has enough space and suitable props where children can play with all their fun without getting hurt or damaged to the property.  
  • Seating arrangements: make sure the sitting chairs are of optimum height concerning the age groups of kids who are going to attend the wedding ceremony. As there are chances for kids to get fall off the high sitting chairs.  
  • Food: kids are more sensible and susceptible to food. So, while choosing a wedding venue, just go and check the recipe Menu, if they have suitable and easy-to-digest food for the mini guest.  
  • Sleeping arrangements:  it’s normal for a baby to sleep after a long and busy day. So, check whether the venue has a separate place for kids where they can take a nap. Make sure the place is away from the ceremony and not much noise.  

How do keep the children busy and safe during a wedding ceremony?  

The wedding ceremony is a ceremony where adults are more engaged with the whole process. During this time, it’s necessary to take good care of the kids so that everything goes smoothly. Even the bride can spend beautiful moments with the kids. This can be achieved by childcare services. Where all the arrangements were made including toys, games for kids, and complete supervision of the kids.  


With the above criteria, you can get your perfect child-friendly wedding ceremony.


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