Flower crowns bride: how to choose this perfect accessory for wedding farm venues

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bride with Flower crowns

Flower crowns. Today I want to talk about the wreaths of flowers, a “fashion-mania” for your wedding farm venues that now reigns for several seasons, the absolute must-have of the moment, which accompanies us for several seasons and will continue to do so as one of the essential accessories for many brides, a floral detail that takes us back immediately to the late ’60s with the Flower Power and its followers, with wreaths of flowers woven into the hair, a decorative element returned in vogue that has imposed itself in the blink of an eye among the new trends.

Flower crowns, romantic look for the bride

Once you have chosen the dress, perhaps floating and falling sinuous to the ground, in a lightweight silk fabric or even with some delicate lace decorations for a retro look, it will be the case to focus on make-up and hairstyle because these are the factors that will most influence the choice of the crown of flowers that best suits your style and that of your wedding farm venues.

Use a flower crown, immediately transports to certain imagery and a very specific style of wedding. Many brides have already used or will use this accessory for a romantic and natural look at the same time, highly decorative and feminine, perfect for an informal outdoor wedding, wedding farm venues, so it comes to mind a country location or otherwise surrounded by nature, a bucolic setting in a park, under the branches of trees, a perfect bohemian wedding where lightness, simplicity, and romance will be the master.

I must say that this floral detail is particularly versatile and goes very well with any hairstyle, whether your hair is short or long, left free, wavy, voluminous, or collected in natural sensual and long braids, tails, or low chignon, you’ll be able to match the most suitable wreath of flowers but, whatever hairstyle you decide to recreate, it will need to look disorganized, messy, casual, without ever appearing perfect, precise and sophisticated, indeed, welcome some hair out of place.

It may seem a little thing, but keep in mind that you will not wear the wreath of flowers for the duration of your reception because it could bother you and be uncomfortable, so consider well the hairstyle that you decide because it should have its own personality even without that floral detail and not remain too bare. 


Different types of flower crowns

The wreath of flowers is most suitable for spring and summer weddings, precisely because we imagine it in open-air ceremonies; in this case, the colors can be both delicate and flashy, the important thing is that they are well mixed together for a perfect final balance.

Obviously, there is nothing to stop you from using it also in autumn and winter scenarios; in this case, however, you will have to use small details to be added to it that match the current season more closely, such as small woods, shrubs, berries, and also by decreasing the importance of the flowers and their size but, above all, by adopting less bright colors.

You will be able to choose the wreath of flowers most suitable for you among several types, in fact, there are many flowers and various materials that can be used for its realization:

Chaplets of fresh flowers of small size and simpler will be perfect if you have in mind a style a little ‘hippy, if however, you are thinking of a bohemian wedding, the ideal would be a chaplet of flowers more important with floral elements of large size and possibly voluminous, for a more scenic and showy.

The flowers used to create a wreath should preferably be fresh and in season, in this case, I recommend that you use varieties that are resistant (especially in the case of a summer wedding) or prefer the use of berries, green foliage, small buds or even herbs and succulent succulents, but, above all, do create the wreath of flowers at the last moment, so that it looks fresh and lasts longer.

flower crown wedding

Before wearing it keep it in water or in a particularly cool place, or even in the refrigerator.
Although I strongly recommend the use of real flowers, you can decide to use silk or synthetic flowers, there are now very good quality, or dried flowers or paper flowers, intertwined with each other through colored ribbons or with their own stems or wood.

Regardless of whether they are fresh flowers or fake, remember that they should enhance your beauty and frame your face without weighing it down, so do not overdo it with the size of them, the wreath of flowers should not turn into a huge hat.

Remember that, the flowers used for your wreath, should match perfectly and also recall those of the bouquet for a balanced and harmonious combination. Flower crowns.

It is not necessary that the arrangements are also perfectly identical, in fact, often the flowers used in the bridal bouquet are slightly different from those used in the floral arrangements of the wedding, but they must still be made all with the same style, so it will be wrong to create a wreath of flowers and a bridal bouquet in which excels the refinement of orchids and small roses and choose instead in the floral arrangements, chamomile flowers, gerberas and small sunflowers.

How to wear the veil with a flower crown?

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You may be wondering, “As for the veil during the ceremony, will I be able to wear it?”

Usually, those who choose to wear a wreath of flowers then avoid putting the veil but this is absolutely not a rule, indeed, if you like to be even more romantic and wear it, I really do not see why you should not do it, I, for example, find it beautiful even on this occasion but keep in mind that the wreath of flowers is linked to this style characterized by extreme naturalness and ease of which I told you so far and, for this reason, if you decide to use the veil should be very simple without too many decorations or just without any decoration and you can choose to wear it in two ways:

– the first way is to wear a long and very light veil that covers the head and falls slightly on the front; in this case, the flower crown will be placed on top of it to block it.

– The second way will be instead to block a very long veil exactly on the center back of the flower crown so that it starts from the nape of your neck and arrives softly to the ground.

Chaplet of flowers with veil bride

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A very last but very important tip:
Do not get to the wedding day without ever having tried your flower crowns, make an agreement with the florist and, in conjunction with the last dress fitting, in which you will have already the final test make-up and hairstyle, make a crown of flowers similar to what you will have for your wedding, so you can have a ‘true idea of the final result.
I really hope that my advice on how to wear a flower crown can be useful and that these images can be a source of inspiration for you, let me know what you think and if you should have your wedding farm venues, do not hesitate to contact us, I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.


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