Mermaid cut wedding dresses

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Mermaid cut wedding dresses
Mermaid cut wedding dresses. If you are looking for the model that suits you and your wedding, do not miss this article on mermaid cut wedding dresses: ready to be the most beautiful and sensual brides?
If you have made it this far, you are probably looking for inspiration to choose one of the most precious things of the wedding day, the wedding dress. And if you are reading this article you are probably among the brides fascinated by this extraordinary legendary figure halfway between a woman and a fish, the mermaid! Keep in mind that in the collective imagination this icon embodies femininity and voluptuousness and bridal fashion has not escaped this code. The origins of mermaid-style wedding dresses date back to the 1930s, when the woman’s body was still hidden under layers and layers of fabric. The avant-garde of the first designers and of Princess Marina of Greece, in 1934, definitively consecrated this style, restoring to the woman what was rightfully hers, sensuality.

The rest is history. All the big names have since given way, in each collection, to models of mermaid wedding dresses in the variants you can imagine. Yes, because a model like this goes well on fluid and light fabrics, on precious and tight lace, on models with bodices, with long sleeves, with or without straps, with dropped shoulders or with deep necklines. In addition, mermaid wedding dresses can be made with or without a train. In recent years we have witnessed the explosion of lace mermaid wedding dresses, guipure type, very elegant in our opinion.

Sirena, the most sensual cut

The mermaid cut wedding dress, as we mentioned earlier, recalls this mythological being and is characterized by a model that adapts to the woman’s silhouette, from the bust area, through the waist and hip, and then expands gradually towards a tail that falls to the floor, simulating the fins of a mermaid. The dress wraps the body and enhances its curves, tightens the upper part and then releases itself in an explosion of sensuality in the lower part. The more you emphasize this contrast between the bodice and the skirt, with fabrics and colors, the more impressive the result will be.

Neckline mermaid wedding dresses.

The mermaid cut wedding dresses allow you to play with a variety of necklines that reflect elegance and luxury, it all depends on the tastes and style of the bride. Paradoxically, whether the dress is completely covered and with long sleeves or very low-cut, it will visually produce two equally impactful effects. A mermaid wedding dress with long sleeves will be suitable for minimal and sophisticated brides, it will be chaste but very elegant. A mermaid wedding dress with off the shoulder straps and a plunging neckline will be chosen by women who like to dare and who want to show off the décolleté and shoulders. Express yourself, feel at ease, always remaining in refinement

Mermaid wedding dresses, who they look good on

Here is the most recurring question, who is the mermaid cut wedding dress good for? The general rule is that this model lends itself well to women who have straight and broad shoulders, as it is designed to create symmetries with the rest of the body and has a design that highlights the female figure. The final result, thought behind each model, is a silhouette that raises the body even more. The golden rule then, always to remain within the canons of common sense, is that the breasts are not too showy. Particularly low-cut mermaid dresses magnetically capture the eye and the décolleté must only accompany the lines of the dress, not overload it.

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