Pocket square boutonniere, the groom’s button panel has a new look

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Pocket square boutonniere. If you are looking for a new idea to obviate the classic groom’s button but still maintains the appearance of a floral detail, today’s article is for you.

As the bouquet can be considered the accessory par excellence of the bride during the wedding day, the button placket is for the groom but we are still careful because it is not always possible or advisable to wear it, in fact, if the groom already plans to use a handkerchief in the pocket, it is better to avoid the combination of both things because they would be a bit ‘too much, or if it is an extremely formal dress or with a mandarin collar, it is preferable to avoid the button placket opting for a more minimal handkerchief in the pocket. 

I don’t like big reinterpretations or even distortions of the button placket, because I am of the opinion that since it is the “flagship”, the protagonists of this accessory should be precisely the flowers and it should be clear that wearing the button placket does not mean to be too formal at all, on the contrary, it is an accessory that allows us to play a lot and in this article, you will discover a new version of it. 

Remember that to be original, you don’t have to be lavish or eccentric, but you can adopt small tricks, which give, even in simplicity, a touch of novelty while maintaining a basic good taste. 

A pocket square boutonniere for the groom

Enter the “pocket square boutonniere” or also called “floral pochette”, which we can define as a sort of more contemporary fusion between the groom button and the pocket square (the man’s pochette). 

These flowers are attached to the upper edge of a stiffer fabric or an insert of rectangular shape that is then left to slide inside the pocket keeping the floral decoration outward in order to beautify the entire upper part of the pocket. 

Of course, we are always talking about personal opinions, but I think that the floral pochette is also a more practical alternative, in order to avoid those little inconveniences that could happen with a classic button, in which the safety pin could break, it could not be perfectly aligned with the centerline of the lapel of the jacket because it is too heavy or sometimes, if magnetized, it could be unhooked, thus losing a magnet.   

I think that the pocket square boutonniere is a great interpretation of the groom’s button panel and the perfect floral accessory to be worn by the groom, but always pay great attention to the fact that it is perfectly matched with your bouquet because, whatever the style was chosen for your wedding, whatever the color theme and the flowers chosen, these two accessories must reflect each other perfectly and communicate with each other.

Hoping that this article has been useful to you, I leave you now to a small gallery of images that I selected for you; contact me for any doubt or need of information, it will be a pleasure for me to meet you and answer your questions.


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