Puglia castle wedding: Luxury Medieval Castles

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puglia castle wedding

Puglia castle wedding

We have to admit we are obsessed with Puglia castle wedding venues, they truly have something special to offer the bride and groom – from their sun-kissed courtyards to their charming seaside locations.

One super area in particular which we’ve completely fallen in love with is Puglia. Also known as Le Puglie, this area of Italy is covered with elegant pristine beaches, art and many hot spots to have your wedding abroad.

Getting to Puglia

Located in the heel of the Italian boot, Puglia has a collection of incredible locations to visit.

Getting to this magnificent part of Italy is extremely easy – it has 2 global airports, Brindisi and Bari, which receive flights from a huge array of places, including many in the UK.

Lovers who imagine seeing a little more of Italy can also decide to fly into the international airport of Naples and drive 2 to 3 hours to Puglia.

It is a beautiful trip and could also be a superior option for your wedding guests, as flights to Naples are more commonly available.

Why Puglia?

Puglia is recognized for its unbelievable culinary options. The food there is SO excellent – your wedding guests are sure to be impressed.

For example, a conventional Italian meal can be served up for your marriage breakfast using locally farmed ingredients, including superfine olive oil that actually adds genuineness to the dishes – in fact, it does not get much more Italian than that.

The sights in Puglia are dramatic, too. There are so many beautiful areas and townships to explore it is almost impossible to choose the best spots – but we will try our hardest!

Luxury Puglia Castles Wedding Venues

An Italian luxury castle can bring a unique delight to any wedding event that you would be hard pressed to find anyplace else.

So many young girls picture themselves getting married in a castle and the luxury castles in Puglia, Italy, can help make those childhood dreams come


A Puglia castle wedding that takes place in a charming Italian medieval castle is one few couples – and their guests – could ever forget.

If you want to create a truly memorable wedding that everyone will remember forever, a Puglia castle is the ideal venue.

Among the castles available are: The Castello Marchione, Castello Monaci, Palazzo Pugliese, Castello Spagnolo. Every one of these castles in Puglia can accommodate a marriage of virtually

any size.

One key to securing the castle of your dreams is to hire the right wedding planner Puglia, a professional who knows the area and can secure the right vendors and venues for you.

Marriages taking place in these stunning castles can be split among venues, with the ritual being inside and the reception being outside.

Any of the castles we’ve mentioned offer the bride and groom an

amazing Puglia castle wedding experience that will stay with them forever.

The wonderful views from the castles are a big reason why all of them make such a trendy Puglia castle wedding venues.

Whether a marriage is held outdoors or indoors at any of these amazing castles, the decorations that are used will make each bride feel like a Princess.

Also, the housing accommodations in these castles are top class – making it so every couple would be proud to get married in Puglia castle.

Brides and grooms considering having their marriage at a castle have a lot of options when it comes to the venue.

These Puglia wedding venues are spread out all over and all of them serve as a terrific location to get married.

Interested brides and grooms are encouraged to do wide research on their castle options before choosing the one where they‘ll have the most unique and unforgettable day of their lives.

These castles are all similarly gorgeous and will amaze anyone looking to make a splash on their marriage day.

Castles in Puglia are among the most romantic venues around the globe to select when it comes to getting married.

Choosing the right wedding planner Puglia can go a long way to ensuring you get the Puglia wedding venue of your choice. Be careful to select a high-quality professional who knows the area and the local vendors and who will be committed to turning your wishes into reality. >>> Contact us.


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