The heir of Peugeot gets married in Polignano The groom: my father has Apulian origins

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Apulian News

POLIGNANO A MARE – From the heart of France to Polignano a Mare, pearl of the Adriatic. Shortly after 12:30 pm yesterday, Mademoiselle Laure Peugeot and Siegfrid Modola pronounced the fateful “yes” in the Mother Church of Santa Maria Assunta, in the heart of the historic center. Favored by a wonderful sunny day, they crowned their dream of love in this part of Puglia, the birthplace of Domenico Modugno, a location that has now reached levels of unprecedented fame.

But let’s take a step back to tell the chronicle of a day that will certainly be remembered as the social event of 2013 for Polignano and perhaps for the whole of Puglia.

A quarter of an hour before the start of the ceremony, scheduled for 11.30, came the groom, the young Italian-English Siegfrid Modola, known photojournalist, also for the BBC, which has long lived in Africa. In dark gray tight, he came on foot, accompanied by his mother. At the entrance to the church, she greeted relatives and friends who exhibited extraordinarily elegant clothes, “douce France” style, with women adorned with unique headdresses of the most different shapes.

At 12 o’clock, with the canonical half-hour delay, Laure Peugeot arrived, a scion of the homonymous car manufacturer of which he is chief design officer. His nineteenth-century style dress is very large, embellished with lace inserts and points of light, a very long train and the veil also in lace. Accompanied by her father, she descended from a dark gray Citroen C 5, preceded by a Peugeot 508 with her mother on board who, dressed in white damask, arrived in the church square, exclaimed: “It’s a wonderful day. Puglia is beautiful ».

The arrival of the bride in the car, rather than on foot from the Marquis Arch, marked a change of schedule compared to the forecast, made necessary by the presence of many people.

The ritual began at 12.10 in a church full of guests and surrounded by an imposing security set up by a Bari wedding planner that banned flashes and was shot during mass.

“I celebrated in three languages ??- explained the parish priest Fr Gaetano Luca Amore – French, English and Italian. The readings were read by the spouses in French, the Gospel and the actual wedding ceremony in Italian. They wanted a simple ceremony, with a floral decoration only on the altar and on the entrance door, without carpet. They did not make special requests, agreeing the music with our organist (Simona Gialluisi, ed).

The tests lasted two days. The rings were brought by the groom’s brother. They are two simple, essential young people who really love each other. The beauty of our church has struck them, as happens to so many. Siegfrid’s mother is an art lover and she was really impressed. “

Six witnesses, three on each side, even if only four signed the deed, as required by canon law: for him Federico Ferazza and Martin Von Braunmuhl; for her Olivia Roussel and Dorothee Boissonnas.

At 1.15 pm Siegfrid and Laure left the church, welcomed in the churchyard by the sound of bells, the throwing of rice and rose petals by the guests and the applause of so many people. After a toast, they traveled the few tens of meters to reach the Beija Floor café which hosted a buffet of mixed aperitifs with typical local products prepared by the Ancona pastry shop of Acquaviva: snacks with buffalo mozzarella, salmon, canapés and tuna tartufini, wet with prosecco.

The town band paid tribute to the bride and groom who mentioned some dance moves on the notes of “Volare”. Then, around 2 pm, the couple climbed aboard the Citroen C 5 and left the historic center to continue the celebrations at the Marchione Castle in Conversano.

Puglia is increasingly the ideal choice for VIPs from all over the world for their wedding.

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