VIP in Puglia: all the celebrities on holiday in the land of olive trees

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Apulian News

vip in puglia

VIP in Puglia

“There are many VIPs and international stars who choose Puglia as their holiday destination every year.”

This year Puglia is once again the favorite region for celebrities to spend their holidays between a dive in the sea and a ride on their private yachts. For years now, the sun-kissed Puglia has also been invaded by illustrious personalities who find in the southern land the perfect place for summer relaxation, thus becoming not only a land of suggestive landscapes but also of mysterious passages.

Whether it’s apartments, seaside villas or luxury hotels, it doesn’t matter. The charm of Puglia, but above all of Salento, cannot be resisted. To confirm this, local and international celebrities, including many Hollywood stars, who in a short time have made Puglia the “coolest” region in Italy or perhaps in the world. From the man of records in terms of music, Vasco Rossi, passing by the highly anticipated arrival of French president Emmanuel Macron: here are all the VIPs who have stayed and will stay in Puglia.


Among the last super VIPs sighted in the land of olive trees we remember the much talked-about Naomi Campbel, who landed in Bari last July. Still a mystery around his arrival in Puglia. More recent, however, were the sightings of Vasco Rossi and Bono Vox. The two rock stars, immediately recognized by their fans, have sent the people of the web into a frenzy between hashtags and selfies.

The Modenese singer, documenting his presence in Puglia on social media, would spend his holidays in Castellaneta Marina, while the U2 front man would be seen aboard his private yacht, close to the port of Gallipoli, in the company of his wife and of a group of friends.

Madonna also crossed the Salento seas aboard her luxury boat. The queen of pop, in fact, would have been seen near Otranto, while the Hollywood actor Richard Gere would have toured the Valle d’Itria for work reasons. Porto Cesareo was, instead, the destination chosen by the showgirls Belen Rodriguez and Valeria Marini.

Tennis champion Maria Sharapova also fell in love with the Apulian olive trees, who, on the occasion of a wedding in the luxurious town of Borgo Egnazia, did not escape the selfie craze that made Instagram a few hours away.

And then again Meryl Streep and Gérard Depardieu who decided to put down roots in Salento; the first buying a villa in Tricase and the second a house in the heart of the baroque Lecce. To buy small corners of paradise, this time in the Salento inland, also the Italian Tiziano Ferro. Finally, the arrivals of Tom Hanks and Emmanuel Macron are expected. The French president would be in Puglia for the first time, but his destination is still top secret.

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