What is a blessing for wedding?

by | Jun 19, 2021 | Weddings Tips

blessing wedding in Puglia on the beach

Blessing for wedding can really give that extra magical touch to the ceremony because they make it very personal. But what does a symbolic ritual consist of? What is its meaning?

Do you intend to stand out and embellish your union with a ritual that will see you pronounce the fateful phrases for promise of marriage wrapped in magic and romance? The symbolic marriage is what it does for you. It is in fact a ceremony to all intents and purposes to which will be present the guests to whom you have sent the wedding invitations, but it is distinguished by some important features. In order to make the right choice is good to be informed enough and we have written this article just to clear your mind.

Meaning and characteristics of Symbolic Wedding

Very popular in the U.S., symbolic marriage is increasingly in vogue in Italy where, by now, is also called blessing (literally ‘blessing’). This is a choice that more and more couples decide to do, however, not having legal value is flanked to the civil ceremony or we rely simply to its spiritual value. Those who opt for the latter option will not be legally married as the function will not be officiated by a religious minister or a civil registrar. Instead, many decide to opt for the symbolic ceremony to give an extra touch of liveliness to the civil ceremony that is often considered too short.

The importance of the text

One of the pluses of the blessing for wedding lies in the fact that you can build your own text that the officiant will pronounce. Each rite has precise steps to follow, but you can give free rein to your imagination to customize it with phrases of love only yours!

In addition to the religious rite?

While to celebrate it independently or to enrich a non-religious marriage there are no problems, as regards the side of the ceremony in church is good to be informed carefully by the parish priest if it is possible to do so: many rituals have in fact pagan origins that have little to do with the Christian faith or other religions!

Where and why do it?

There are many reasons that lead a couple to choose a symbolic rite. Among the many, we remember the different religious beliefs, union of the same sex or simply consider it unnecessary to sign a contract to be sure of mutual love.

wedding blessing in puglia

The blessing offers the possibility of being celebrated literally anywhere, regardless of whether it is a Municipal House or a place of worship. In the summer, therefore, most couples indulge in indicating in the wedding invitations outdoor locations: on the beach, in lush gardens worthy of poetic verse and parks.

The role of the officiant

In a symbolic wedding the role of the officiant is still essential exactly as for the civil wedding: he will conduct the celebration orchestrating the various stages of this magical moment characterized by many romantic phrases. There are several professionals, but if you prefer to turn, for emotional reasons, to a friend or relative, try to find someone who knows how to manage their emotions: he will have to speak in public and know how to communicate in the best way.

Personalization and organization

There are several symbolic rites that differ from each other for a series of gestures, objects and procedures that are used to give a high degree of spirituality to the event. However, the symbolic wedding can be customized to your liking, so you can set it up as you prefer. It is precisely for this reason, however, that the organization becomes essential, taking into account some fundamental elements to be managed:

  • Entrance of the bride and groom
  • Music
  • Welcome speech
  • Readings, which can be philosophical, poetic, specially created
  • Promises
  • One or more symbolic rites
  • Conclusion with music

The most famous symbolic rites

Some of the most popular symbolic rites include:

  • Handfasting or ritual of bound hands: the bride and groom take each other’s hands and cross them to form the infinity symbol. The officiant has the task of tying them with colored ribbons;
  • The tree ritual: the bride and groom plant a tree together that will grow along with their wedding. Symbol of love and mutual care;
  • The rite of light: of Christian origin, it can also be celebrated in the church.
  • Each person holds a candle, the two candles are then joined together to light a larger candle that represents the strength the couple will have if they stay together. A variation of this celebration can be done with sand.

Now that you know everything about the symbolic rite, you just have to evaluate together the hypothesis of a beautiful symbolic wedding in Puglia: what will be the phrases for a wedding that you would like to include? In this link you will find a beautiful poem “A Blessing for Wedding”. Contact us now to organize your beautiful blessing wedding in Puglia.


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