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Are you looking for an unusual location for your dream wedding in Puglia? You’ve come to the right place!

Exclusive Report Reveal “insider” information on the 27 most Unique, Elegant and Luxurious locations for your Apulian Wedding!

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Dear Betrothed

If you are planning to organize your wedding in Italy, and specifically in Apulia, you have probably already browsed dozens of websites and magazines in an attempt to find the perfect location to guarantee you a dream wedding. 

Often, however, it becomes difficult to find your way around the tide of offers, and – partly because of the language barrier, partly because of the distance – you risk choosing a location that does not really satisfy your wishes for your special day.

My name is Elena Le Fosse wedding planner Puglia and for over 10 years I have been involved in destination weddings and I have helped hundreds of brides to fulfill their dream in some of the most beautiful places in Puglia. 

This enormous wealth of experience has allowed me to gather all kinds of information on the most exclusive and luxurious locations in this extraordinary region.

And for the first time, I have decided to collect them and make them available to all those brides who are desperately trying to find their way around organizing their wedding abroad. 

I have created a report selecting the 27 locations for a fairytale Apulian wedding, each with photos and super practical “insider” information to give you an idea of the options available. 

Elena Le Fosse

Wedding planner Puglia


Your dream wedding deserves an amazing location. And there’s no better place than Puglia. This land is my home, and it’s been so since the day I fell in love with it.

It’s perfect for weddings because it has everything: crystal-clear water, beautiful landscapes, charming villages, and so much more.

You and your sweetheart want to create together the most beautiful day of your life and I am here, at your side, to lead you hand in hand through the most exclusive locations and the most fascinating places where to say “YES I DO”.

I want to know your passions, discover your tastes, and the personality of your guests, and find the perfect mix of ingredients for a fabulous event, where every detail contributes to the magic of the moment. To be remembered forever.

Luxury wedding planner service

Princess Apulia is the wedding planner Puglia service that I created to fulfill your wishes. A service of the highest level.

We’ll create an experience that will be unforgettable because it’s designed with care and attention to detail.

We’ll find you the most beautiful locations in Puglia so you can have the most magical day of your life.

Intense Emotions

Together we will paint a picture full of lights, intense emotions, gastronomic delights, images, music, fun, and romantic surprises, to satisfy your eyes, your palate, your heart, and those of your guests: friends and relatives, grandparents and grandchildren.

Because everyone should feel part of an exceptional event, from the ceremony to the last dance.

Apulia will offer you breathtaking sceneries and I will be your industrious guide for an event that will grow, day after day, giving shape and substance to your most beautiful dreams.

FULL-SERVICE WEDDING PLANNER PUGLIA – This wedding planning service has it all.

wedding planner Puglia

A great way to plan your perfect wedding is by hiring a professional Puglia wedding planner. Planning a wedding is not easy, especially if you’re not sure what a wedding planner does.

You need to know not all planners set up their work in the same way, so they don’t all do the same things. There are many different planners available to brides and grooms but there are also many differences in their services.

Some specialize only in coordinating the Wedding Day, while others list what is included in the different packages broken down by price.

But what does a full-service wedding planner in Puglia do?

And above all, how to evaluate the actual ability and experience to be able to offer a complete and professional service?

And it is not said that the assessment can be made only on the price, indeed. Cheaper is not necessarily the best choice, on the contrary.

And just because two professionals say they both offer full-service wedding planning does not mean they offer the same services.

Full-service yes, but what does it include?

For some wedding planners, full-service means a few hours of help and then disappearing, while for others that number can reach hundreds of hours of work to help and support the couple almost without limit.

It’s not possible to compare the costs of two professionals without understanding what exactly is included in their interpretation of “full-service” even more so in the quality of what they offer.

What a Full-Service Wedding Planner really means

To help you better understand, let’s focus on what a Full-Service Wedding Planner really means.

First of all, a Full-Service Wedding Planner should always include help in selecting suppliers, starting from a list of trusted companies and professionals and ensuring assistance in negotiations and bargaining.

Starting with the bride and groom’s instructions and the characteristics of the wedding, a wedding planner in Puglia will help you identify each professional you will need. She will probably also point out suppliers that you had never even thought of.

Even if you’ve already chosen your location, your planner will be there to manage every relationship between you and the site manager, negotiate catering prices, and establish all the event timelines to ensure everything runs smoothly.

A complete service should include all the inspections necessary to design the event and plan the work of each chosen vendor, coordinating them all like a true director.

Wedding Planner Puglia: Not only preparations

Couples tend to confuse the arrangements of a wedding with everything a wedding planner does, but it’s really the less visible details that in the end count the most and make the difference.

The organization of a successful wedding in Apulia has to pay attention to much more than just aesthetics because it has to do with the process and the teamwork managed by the wedding planner Puglia.

Wedding Planners make sure your event is planned on time, solve problems you won’t even notice, handle last-minute mishaps, and are your alter ego in any situation throughout the planning process.

Full-service planning means anticipating your every need but also educating you on the options that exist to create an event that is all your own, not a copy of something else.

Not just the Bride and Groom

A Full-Service Wedding Planner cares about the experience of each of your guests.

Of course, she will be focused on you. But she’ll make sure your guests have a memorable experience as well.

From the first response to the RSVP to the welcome to the hotel room, and any moment of contact with your guests, the wedding planner, and her team will take thoughtful action to take care of every detail and make them feel truly special.

The service of a full-service wedding planner goes far beyond your wedding day in Puglia.

A team all for you

In fact, assisting brides and grooms, especially the most demanding ones, now expands to include weddings that last an entire weekend, or that include welcome parties and brunches the next day.

Managing these kinds of events requires the help of a structured team, experienced in this specific type of wedding.

One person, no matter how good and professional, cannot do it all alone when it comes to managing a major wedding.

In such cases, what does a full-service wedding planner do? She manages the event right out of the gate with a team that specializes in areas of expertise. Each member of the team serves as a point of reference during the planning process, while on the day of the wedding, every aspect of the event will be taken care of by a person assigned to have control and responsibility.

This also means that she and her team will monitor the progress of the work of each chosen vendor, both during the wedding planning period and during the hours leading up to the start of the ceremony and reception.


The full-service wedding planner also takes care of the contracts of each of your suppliers, checks and verifies them, before you have to sign them.

She helps you to agree on the most important clauses, thanks to her experience in the field. Obviously after assisting you in negotiating the price and selecting the most appropriate supplier for your wedding. Then he will manage with the couple the payment terms and deadlines of the same.

However, let’s take a step back. You can’t begin a planning process without first building a well-detailed budget.

This often also means educating couples on market prices that are more in line with the bride and groom’s own expectations.

And once the perfect budget is structured, it must be monitored in a timely and constant manner, making sure that any increase in spending is well-calibrated and shared with the bride and groom.

Beyond the organization

A well-organized wedding also requires skills related to the production of the event. Especially if we talk about events that include aspects out of the ordinary: furnishings, shows, the transformation of spaces, and much more.

This is about having a wedding planner at your side who is capable of producing a great event, choosing the most suitable and experienced partners, and outlining the most efficient timeline for the expected result.

Intimacy and Professionalism

We must say, a wedding planner of this level, has the difficult task of finding the right balance between the personal relationship with the bride and groom and the management of a real company.

You’re not dealing with a wedding planner who depends almost solely on your wedding, but with a professional with an important portfolio of clients and a wealth of experience unparalleled, which at the same time must be able to establish an intimate bond with the bride, transmitting competence and authority.

Advantages? You have a real agency at your service with an impressive number of weddings behind you. Advice? Leave it to them!

On-Demand Services

A full-service wedding planner, finally, often works with spouses whose requests go beyond the most common expectations.

And therefore is equipped to respond to the most demanding requests. She will be able to satisfy you even if you want a website dedicated to your wedding if you want complete management of reservations and transfers for guests who come from out of town, and for them, she will also take care of organizing activities and excursions to enliven their stay before and after the day of the reception.