How to plan a Mediterranean style wedding

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Weddings Tips

mediterranean style wedding

As soon as you have set the date of your wedding, the next step is to organize the entire wedding, an activity that may seem simple in appearance but which in reality may present several pitfalls. One of the main choices that must be made is the style that the wedding will have to follow and among the different alternatives available, a wedding in Mediterranean style appears one of the best. So let’s see what are the best ways to organize a wedding in Mediterranean style.  First of all we have to specify that choosing this style means mainly to exalt, in a sober and elegant way, the salient characteristics of the lands of our peninsula, both from the alimentary point of view and from that of the landscapes, colours and so on.

Foods such as oil, wine, cheese, citrus fruits and cereals are one of the strong points of our land that necessarily refer to the places of production of the same as hills, sunny fields, rustic buildings that give a sense of naturalness and sobriety but, at the same time, also of strength and energy. Starting from these products we can establish what can be the common thread of the entire reception.

Immediate consequence of the choice of the common thread are the colors that will be used to organize the wedding.

Typical colors of Mediterranean lands are both brown, in all its different shades including copper, brass and bronze, and green in its various nuances. These two colours together with white, preferably with warm notes, represent the starting point of the setting to which brighter colours such as yellow, orange, blue and purple will have to be added to give a more sparkling effect to the event. The question that the bride and groom obviously ask themselves by organizing a wedding in Mediterranean style is what may be the best location for the reception. In order to follow the style in full, it will undoubtedly be necessary to choose a place where the contact with nature is very direct, just to enhance the characteristics of our territory. The solutions are different: a rustic farmhouse with an adjoining cultivated land, an ancient convent or even a medieval castle characterized by majestic stone walls. Any solution chosen is ideal as long as each setting is made with sobriety and good taste, without neglecting elegance and refinement.

Here you can find perfect places to celebrate your wedding in Mediterranean style! 


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