Masseria Paretano: Ron Moss bought an ultra-luxury Masseria in Puglia

by | Feb 19, 2022 | Apulian News, Wedding News

Ron Moss in masseria paretano

Masseria Paretano. The American actor Ron Moss, known for the interpretation of Ridge Forrester in Beautiful, has bought an ultra-luxury farmhouse in Puglia: the details

The bond between Ron Moss and Apulia tightens a bit more: the well-known American actor, famous for his historical interpretation of Ridge Forrester in the very popular soap opera ‘Beautiful’, has bought an ultra-luxurious farmhouse in the Canale di Pirro area and has applied for residence in the municipality of Fasano.

The news, reported by ‘La Repubblica’, is not surprising: after all, Ron Moss himself, already several months ago, had defined Apulia “his second home”.

Ron Moss’ passion for Italy and, in particular, for Puglia began back in 2012, when the American actor filmed some scenes of the soap opera ‘Beautiful’ between Polignano a Mare and Alberobello, where the historic wedding between his character, Ridge Forrester, and Brooke Logan took place.

Not only that: also in Puglia, Ron Moss has shot together with Lino Banfi a forthcoming film, entitled ‘Viaggio a sorpresa’ (directed by Roberto Baeli), which tells the story of a New York broker who buys a farm in Puglia but is swindled. The American actor co-produced the film with his DevRonn Enterprises.


In recent times, Ron Moss had started his first business in Apulia starting to produce some wines (his “Wine Moss”) together with his friends Donato Pistola and Tiziano Cavaliere. Then, came the Masseria.

The Masseria bought by Ron Moss in Apulia (the project sees them together with partners Giuseppe and Angelo Di Mola and his manager Tiziano Cavaliere) is called Masseria Paretano. The structure, dating back to the 18th century, rises in the district from which it takes its name, in the territory of Monopoli, close to the Itria Valley that has conquered so many international tourists.

Masseria Paretano hosts ceremonies and other events, has a restaurant that uses zero km products, has a swimming pool and a wellness & spa area. Here you can enjoy relaxing horseback rides and suggestive hot air balloon flights.


Presenting his project, actor Ron Moss said he wanted to live “at least for 6 months a year” in his “Apulian home”. The star added: “After many years of research, I am happy to have landed in this land full of strength, mystery and love, protected by ancient olive trees that seem to watch over everything. Here I feel that I have realized one of my dreams”.


Ron Moss is not the only famous person to have been fascinated by the extraordinary beauty of Apulia. Even Raoul Bova, for example, bought a farmhouse in Apulia, in a hamlet of Fasano. Journalist Bruno Vespa has his Lia Reni in Manduria, whereas former Ferrari director and rally champion Cesare Fiorio owns Masseria Camarda in Ceglie Messapica. The charm of Apulia has also conquered an Oscar-winning actress such as Helen Mirren: the English star has a centuries-old Masseria in Tiggiano, in Salento.

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