Helen Mirren in Puglia. Interview in Salento with the Oscar-winning actress.

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Apulian News

Helen Mirren Puglia

Today we propose a part of the interview made to the Oscar-winning actress, Helen Mirren, by Federica Stella Blasi, creator of the project “Stasera Mi Porto a Cena Fuori!”©.

We’re here for a slow food yes a celebration but you know the incredible thing about the Salento people the Salento farmers is that that’s in their blood that’s how I produce food that is the natural way I eat local food I always eat like always know always eat local food it’s else you can’t really not you have to go quite a long way not to eat local food so of course and and and to discover that people still to this day and and some of the people out there in they they pick their food from the wild food wild herbs wild vegetables Selvatica it’s quite common here which is extraordinary and you see people out in the in the countryside you know picking the world vegetable so that knowledge that incredible knowledge still exists here insulin dose, yes and we have to protect it must be preserved and protected course, so it’s wonderful to see the young children here being taught as the only ways is, is to teach the young people through their parents their grandparents it’s how the knowledge continues.

So let’s move to the second question which is about the food I want to make you the same question about the hundred food journey oh yes yes yes but I was wondering whether you love cooking and if so have you ever tried a traditional recipe from Salento?

Of course I know I’m not a very good to cook I’m not like the so many Italian women you know that they learn as children and it boy men and women they learn in the kitchen with their mothers and my mother was a good cook she was not bad but I grew up in a post world England where there was very little access to fresh vegetables you know in England after the Second World War it was quite difficult

I didn’t forget each you know an orange or a banana into a ski not quite old so you know the the the the raw materials were very difficult to get hold of here in this part of it the world you have such incredible raw materials you have amazing fish from the sea and tonight

we’re celebrating the fishermen dismal fish they’re small fishermen and they do an amazing work to supply us with fish and they understand more than any of us how the seas are depleting engine in there in the number of fish and how very important it is to to preserve that but also you as I say you have the you have the world vegetables you have vegetable gardeners here everyone has their own little power so you have the the fruit that just grows normally and spontaneously and spontaneously sometimes we in my house in my husband ice house we have 400 pomegranate trees so we grow pomegranates which are very normal for this climate and very they grow very very well in this climate so we decided to grow pomegranates which is a great more in a farmer than a cook

I’m more a farmer or a gardener than a cook I am honest I am I you know I have been that’s one of the great advantages also of living here is that I’m surrounded by brilliant cooks so tonight all of my I arrive and my neighbors come with a using parmigiana incredible Grazia Silvana parmigiana it’s stupenda and then married Rosaria comes with an incredible fave e cicoria grazie MariaRosaria, fave e cicoria is stupenda yeah.

Can I offer you something to drink?

Yes, of course, I always like a dream the Bellini look at all these incredible drinks here gin poor Jim these are all gins huh only two only two and you have what are these put spring is in the air and waiting for the Sunflowers ah-ha food oh yes but no fantastic oh I can’t believe it just take the leather off yes Wow incredible erotic Queen yes love it that’s brilliant thank you sue me you made this hey Justin these are from oh yes oh my god that’s amazing but they made the leather outfit, yes haha that’s incredible we have also read ah for Christmas yes Wow cheers everybody salute a tutti.

Yes, I want to get married in a magical place like Salento.


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