The 26 DOC wines of Puglia: selection for your Apulian wedding

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apulian wine

Wines of Puglia

The 26 DOC wines of Puglia are the result of long work carried out by generations and generations in the field of enology.

At one time the excellent wines produced in this region were little known and even the same were used to “cut” other oenological products of the Italian regions, in particular, those characterized by low alcohol content.

The result was the production of excellent wines which, however, were often obtained thanks to a skillful mix between the different grapes of the vineyards scattered in different areas of the region.

Puglia, an ideal land for the production of quality wines

Puglia, a region that is characterized by both hilly and flat areas, has many useful factors precisely for the production of this alcoholic beverage: the climate, the sun, the air, and even the soil seem to offer the vine the best possible mix for optimal cultivation of the vines to be dedicated to the production of typical Apulian wines.

In our beautiful region, it is possible to identify different geographical areas, from which we obtain great wines, many of which have obtained the coveted (and very important) DOC awards, but also IGT and DOCG, which also contribute to making the market perceive the quality of a wine product obtained according to ancient and traditional cultivation techniques.

Among the most appreciated proposals of the territory, it is certainly not possible to do without mentioning the sought-after Primitivo di Manduria, but also the Negroamaro from Terra d’Otranto and Castel del Monte.

From yesterday to today, the 26 DOC wines of Puglia

Today things have changed: thanks to the tenacity, the love for the land, the dedication to agricultural work, the wines of Puglia have assumed an identity and an absolutely personal character, also acquiring the strength that allowed them to place themselves on the national market with the decision.

In the present two wines like Negroamaro and Primitivo have become synonyms of Puglia, of quality, and together with other 24 wines accompany this splendid region in its success in the world.

The 26 DOC wines of Puglia, in short, represent one of the great reasons to be proud not only of those who produce them but also of the Apulian themselves in the world.

Many labels of Apulian wines – which have been awarded the Denomination of Controlled Origin – are appreciated not only nationally but also abroad. In fact, there are more and more Italian labels and, to be precise, those of this splendid region of southern Italy to do the honors even overseas, and not only, in small and large retailers, winning awards and prizes for their commitment profuse by the Apulian companies in promoting the best wines of this land.

All other wines of Puglia

As we have stated, among the most famous wines of Puglia we certainly find the Primitivo and the Negroamaro, two reds both coming from the Salento subregion, capable of obtaining prominent awards.

The Aleatico is also a sweet wine that uses the grapes of the vine of the same name to offer a unique organoleptic experience. In the municipalities of Biccari, Troia, and Lucera, instead, the Catt’é Mmitte di Lucera is produced, which is also obtained through the addition of Sangiovese and Malvasia, vines of Troia.

Moving on to white wines – which are probably of lesser fame despite being equally good – we can mention the Tufjano – made with Fiano Minutolo and characterized by an intense floral aroma – and the white of Castel del Monte, coming from the Murge area and obtained this quest, lastly starting from the union of the Chardonnay, Pampanuto and white Bombino vines.

For the uninitiated, excellent sparkling and sparkling wines are also produced in Puglia, such as the sparkling white IGT from Murgia and the sparkling wine Galetto, this last lively nectar produced from Aglianico grapes.

apulian wine

The main Apulian wines

We conclude our journey to discover the best Apulian wines, giving you a list below with the oenological products most in view of our region, which best express the potential of taste and quality, in the sign of a winemaking tradition that has ancient roots and it is handed down from generation to generation to always offer a product characterized by the best qualities that Puglia can offer to all those who are ready to take all the time they may need to enjoy a good wine on the most beautiful day of your life, your dream wedding in Puglia.

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