The timeless tradition of the first couple’s dance

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first couple dance in Apulian beach

First couple dance. One of the most exciting moments of a wedding is the couple’s first dance. Here’s everything you need to know about it. Are you ready to break the shyness and open the dances of your wedding?

There are many traditions related to the wedding day: from the secret of the wedding dress to the inevitable white sugared almonds of Avola. The first dance is part of the traditions to be respected for the big day. We have described everything in this article, citing the moments and types, always winking at the etiquette. Are you ready to twirl on the dance floor with your precious wedding shoes?

Attention to etiquette for first couple dance

Before delving into the heart of your choice, let’s see what are the indications provided by the etiquette regarding the couple’s dance. Actually, unlike other situations in which the rules are much stricter, in this case, it is good to prevail in the fun of the guests and your spouses.
The only rules in this regard refer to the lineup of dances, which would be good to follow to give the moment a touch of class and romance:

  • the first dance should be a slow dance, better if a waltz, reserved exclusively for the bride and groom, thus symbolizing the birth of the new family;
  • the second dance is reserved for the groom with the bride’s mother and the bride with the groom’s father, thus symbolizing the union of families;
  • the third dance is reserved for the groom with his mother and the bride with her father, thus symbolizing gratitude to the family of origin.

At this point the track is free and all guests can approach without a lineup. No particular indication regarding the music to choose: songs taken from a classical repertoire are fine, as well as those more lively and cheerful. It is preferable to have a live band or orchestra for a few hours and then rely on the DJ set, or the musical selection, ideal for rocking out on the dance floor until late at night.

If you will be joined by guests for the cake cutting, it’s a good idea to give them a special moment with a new dance. However, etiquette does not compromise on one thing: the area dedicated to the dance floor should be constantly manned by a corner bar.

When to choose to open the dances

First couple dance

Depending on your personal schedule, agreed with the musicians and the head of the room, you can decide when to open the dances with the first dance couple. In principle, the most popular moments are as follows:

Upon your arrival at the location

That is, just after saying the phrases for the promise of marriage when the guests will be waiting for the first toast. At this point, you can start the music and let yourself go to a moment of your own.

After entering the main hall

That is, after having exchanged greetings, tasted the appetizers, and taken the usual photos, when everyone will make their entrance into the room or area dedicated to the banquet. At this point, the band or DJ will announce your arrival on the notes of your song.

After the cake cutting

Once the main banquet is over, the atmosphere will be enlivened simply by background music. At this point between fireworks and soap bubbles, you can start the music of the first dance, giving way to the moment of dancing. Once the dance is over, you can say goodbye to the guests who want to leave, distributing them your wedding favor original, while everyone else will be unleashed with you on the track for a post evening of fun.

A dance to be experienced… and chosen!

Choosing the song for the first dance can be simple or quite difficult. It all depends on your tastes, your personality, and the thread that you have decided to give to your event. We can divide the first dance into two macro-categories: the traditional dance, which provides a slow couple with phrases of love on a romantic Italian or foreign melody, and the first dance choreographed, where it is appropriate to study, albeit minimal, the steps and movements.

Here are the main choreographed dances:

To the rhythm of swing

If you want to relive the atmosphere of the fifties, choose a stylish and dynamic Lindy Hop. In this case, you’ll have to pay particular attention to the footwear to wear: it’s better to prefer comfortable elegant shoes to get on the dance floor with this type of dance!

A “caliente” Latin

If you love seductive rhythms, you can indulge in a two-step on the notes of Latin American music. To the rhythm of samba, cha cha cha, rumba, paso doble, and jive, you will bring on the dance floor real turmoil. And if you want to dare, free your imagination with a beautiful Caribbean dance between salsa, merengue, and bachata.

Classic or sensual?

If you want to opt for two great timeless genres, choose a classic waltz, on which to twirl on the dance floor, or a sensual tango to dance while keeping your eyes fixed on your eyes. Opt for one or the other depending on the stylistic imprint that you will give to your event.

A surprise flashmob

But if you want to have fun and especially involve other people in the tradition of the first dance as a married couple, you could always opt for a hilarious flash mob. Your guests will be literally amazed and will accompany with great pleasure your special choreography, to the sound of clapping hands.

The music will accompany your event. It will be the constant to amaze, cheer, entertain, excite and entertain. As well as the first dance marking the beginning of the party, choose a song or a dance with which to close the wedding: it can be a slow melody with which to enjoy the last dance couple or a song euphoric, perfect for launching your bridal bouquet.

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