Trial of the wedding dress: the 6 tips to better face it

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Weddings Tips

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The proof of the wedding dress in an atelier is, without doubt, one of the most important and exciting moments along the way that will lead you to marriage. To get prepared for the “challenge” of the dressing room and, thus, find the perfect dress for you, here are 6 useful (and easy!) Tips to follow.

You have arrived at the most-awaited and exciting moment in the organization of your wedding: the choice of a wedding dress. But … Who to go with? What budget to establish? Which models should you focus on? The questions or doubts that may arise are so many and if the anxiety plagues you with his fears, you will just have to follow our advice to get perfect on the day of the choice!

Trial of the wedding dress: possible mission! that’s how

There are, in fact, 6 tips that can guide you during the wedding dress test in the atelier and that will lead you directly to the choice of the “perfect” dress, the one that will excite you and you will look forward to wearing it in the day of the wedding to show it to your partner. The love of your life.

1. Set your budget The first starting point is the budget. Define it well in advance, based on the overall rumors of the entire marriage. You will be able to do it in the atelier at the time of the appointment In this way they will be able to select the most suitable clothes for you and you will avoid falling in love with a model that does not fit within your “budget”.

2. Define the image you want to have Before going to the studio, think carefully about what image you want to have (romantic, rock, bohemian …), but above all the theme of marriage and the optional location: in fact, the choice of your dress must start from these elements. Moreover, it is a question of balance. But remember, your personality will have to remain unchanged!

3. Who to bring to the choice of the dress I know, in a moment so rich in emotions and important to you, you would like all your loved ones by your side; the advice, however, is to not go beyond two or three people, including a mother. The reason? It would be really difficult to match the tastes of all! However, the last word on the choice is always up to you.

4. Be “open mind” Try, test, and try, but above all have fun. Wearing different types of clothes will allow you to exclude lines less suited to your silhouette and personality. Be also objective and sincere with yourself, just so you can get to choose the real dream dress! Because let’s face it, when you go to the studio you will think you have very clear ideas but, as often happens, in the end, you could opt for a model that was part of your “black list”.

5. Time is everything As with all phases of marriage, the organization is also fundamental to the choice of clothing. The advice is to start the research about 10-12 months before. At this stage, you will be able to save the photos of the models and begin to fix the first appointments in the ateliers. The choice, instead, will have to be established around 6 months from the wedding date.

6. What to wear for the dress test You will also need to prepare a bag dedicated to the “tour atelier”. What should it contain? Simple: flesh-colored underwear (balcony bra and a seamless slip), shoes, and elastic or hairpins. Details that may seem banal, but that are instead indispensable for trying on clothes in serenity!

And you, have you already chosen your wedding dress?


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