Top 10 Hidden Wedding Costs Every Couple Must Consider While Making a Budget

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Weddings Tips

It is no secret that weddings are super expensive. However, still, most couples are surprised when they get the final amount of their wedding expenses. Well, one reason for this is hidden costs that couples don’t consider in the beginning. If you are planning your wedding, and especially working on your budget, do consider the expenses mentioned here.  

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Hidden wedding costs that most couples forget 

1. All the little things 

You will add all the big expenses to your budget, but it is mostly the small items that anyone tends to forget. For instance, most couples forget that they will have to pay for the organist, bell ringer, choir, etc. while getting married in a church.  

2. Beauty treatments 

It is not only the bride that will be spending on a beautician, but even the groom. So, consider expenses like getting your hair styled, getting a pedicure and manicure, etc. 

3. Dress stitching and alterations 

Most of the brides need some last-minute alteration in their wedding dress. It is best if you keep some amount for this alteration work right from the beginning.  

4. Party Gifts 

Even if it is just a bouquet that you are getting for your mom and your bridesmaids, it will cost you a considerable amount. So, ensure you plan for it.  

5. Guest accommodation 

You must have selected a hotel for your stay, but what if someone has to catch an early flight and arrives a day earlier? Well, make all the necessary arrangements for this and set a clear budget for such surprises.  

6. Wedding decor 

There are plenty of decoration extras that you have to consider. For instance, there will be personalized gifts, mini labels, calligraphy pens, table decoration items like candles and linens, etc. All these items will add cost to your final budget.  

7. Delivery charges 

Everything that you ordered right from flowers to food and cake will be delivered to your menu, but there will be a delivery cost. Ensure clearing this up with your vendor.  

8. Postage costs 

You will be posting your invites as well as thank you cards post-wedding. Check the postage cost in advance to avoid surprises.  

9. Insurance 

Your wedding is planned well, but what if something goes wrong in the end? To help you in this situation, there are insurance policies that cover your expenses. Do check them out.  

10. Marriage License 

Even though this amount is small, say about 35$, it is an unavoidable one. This means you got to add it to your list.  

Well, now that you know all about the hidden costs, hopefully, you will make a more precise budget. Also, at any point if you feel the need of involving a professional, don’t fight that urge, it will surely prove to be beneficial.   


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