Two retired Americans bewitched by Bari: “It’s decided, we’re moving here”

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Apulian News

Janice and Nanette have always been friends, they left New York and chose Bari to spend the rest of their lives: “We fell in love with food, people and the friendly atmosphere of the city”

BARI – Two retired friends for the skin choose Puglia as their new home: the counter-current idea of ??Janice Haeger and Nanette Castellani Neidhardt, two New York docs who were literally bewitched by our region so much that they decided to give up for always the Big Apple and move to Bari-Palese. While pensioners from all over the world choose Portugal or Tenerife for tax breaks for pensioners, these two cheerful and energetic over-60s have staked their whole future on Puglia, so much so that they changed their residence.

Both successful women in the United States, one specialized in recruiting human resources for large companies such as Pepsi and the other lawyer for Wendy’s International firm as well as general consultant for “Scioto Properties”, once they have completed their careers, 4 years ago, they started thinking about how best to spend their newfound free time.

Janice and Nanette have grown up together and their friendship has lasted a lifetime: hence the decision to start again in a place where you can reconcile the serenity of peaceful existence and their passion for travel. “We started looking for something similar in Europe and we suddenly discovered Puglia – they tell us – It was a shock. After spending 10 days in Bari, we fell in love with the city. We stayed in a b & b and luck wanted us to meet Filippo Tarantino who helped us turn our dream into reality. Thanks to his help, last April we found an apartment in Bari Palese where we can start this new adventure ».

And to the question “why did you choose Bari as a definitive destination?”, They reply as follows: “We have abandoned America in favor of Puglia, both for an economic question (here the cost of living is much more affordable) but above all for the warmth of the people and the beauty of the city. The friendly atmosphere you breathe is truly unique. And then food and wine, we don’t talk about it. After spending 6 weeks here we fell in love with all this ». “Thanks to the favorable position offered by Bari, we can also move around the whole of Italy and discover new places to visit. Not only that, being a port city overlooking the Mediterranean we are one step away from Greece, Croatia, and Montenegro. In short, we have Europe within reach ».

Puglia, therefore, becomes a place of the heart and a good starting point to start building a new life and new friendships.

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