Wedding Color Palette 2021: the 7 shades that will be trendy

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wedding color 2021

Wedding color palette 2021. Colors have the power to evoke specific feelings and particular moods: they are as indispensable in wedding arrangements as they are in wedding decorations. But what will be the trendy shades next year? Find out with us!

Emotions, feelings and sensations, all intangible concepts that words cannot describe. This, in fact, is what colors are for! Did you know that the entire emotional sphere is strongly influenced by the chromatic universe that surrounds us? If 2021 will be the year of your “fateful yes” do not miss this article: we present the wedding colors that will be trending in the coming months and the best way to include them in your big day!

1. Denim Blue

denim blue wedding ideas

Blue is a versatile color, used in more formal events to express a concept of classic elegance and serenity. In its denim variant acquires a modern and gritty meaning that will never be out of place, whatever the style of the wedding reception. It can easily become the protagonist of floral arches or elements of the mise en place, as well as some details of the dress code of the bride and groom. Doesn’t tradition state that a bride should wear something blue on her big day? Here’s identified how to do it!

2. Yellow

yellow wedding ideas

Analyzing the meaning of colors, yellow immediately appears to be the most suitable to express joy, warmth and happiness. Although it is not a traditional shade in weddings, it is among the most recommended to decorate summer receptions because its image recalls the sun and the warm days spent outdoors. You will not have any difficulty to introduce it on the tables of a wedding banquet set up in outdoor spaces, but it can also be used as a basic thread of a themed reception for couples who choose to celebrate their wedding with a twist of originality. Did you also know that yellow is one of the colors for wedding anniversary? To keep in mind when you celebrate your first ten years!

3. Mint green


Inevitable in country chic weddings celebrated in the open countryside, among the wedding colors 2021 we also find mint green. A shade that recalls the unspoiled nature and the blossoming of the summer, the solutions to make use of it in your wedding reception seem truly endless: starting from lush centerpieces to get up to the ceremony dresses of the bridesmaids for those who want to characterize their look with an unconventional note. At a time when environmental protection is one of the issues most sensitized by society, how can we remain indifferent to the greenest trend there is even on our big day?

4. Powdery tones


Refinement and elegance with a feminine touch, pink in weddings is certainly not new. In a color palette so vast and heterogeneous in the coming months will be the most delicate shades to dictate the law. In what way? There will no longer be only the classic bouquets of flowers to be placed on the tables of the banquet or the pink petals to decorate the environment. Those who choose this color for their wedding should not neglect any detail! Powder pink is never excessive: even if used for different decorative aspects, the overall image will never be “too much” but, on the contrary, it will emphasize the sense of grace and harmony of the reception.

5. Lilac and lavender

Lilac and lavender wedding

Not far from the palette of pink is that of purple, which for wedding receptions in 2021 will be suggested in their softest variant. Delicate shades such as lilac and lavender will be essential to give a chic touch to bucolic receptions or to satisfy the desire to organize a wedding totally in line with the trends of the moment. Why exactly will lilac be a color that will be seen everywhere? Its meaning is that of a sincere and uninteresting love, the most authentic way to seal a promise of marriage destined to last forever! wedding color palette 2021

6. Orange


A shade as uncommon in the wedding world as orange could be a bit perplexing when you see it included among the wedding theme colors. In reality, when this shade is used in the right way, it will give life to exclusive and unique decorations for your big day. The classic combination with white, for example, is ideal to dampen the strong charge of orange, while combining it with a soft pastel blue you will have the opportunity to create beautiful mise en place composed of centerpieces of chrysanthemums and ceramic plates aquamarine.

7. Natural Tones

Natural Tones wedding

It’s hard to define the palette of earthy tones: when we refer to them we consider all those shades ranging from brown to sand, passing through khaki, gray and slate. How to propose these nuances in the preparations? Those who are looking for colors for weddings in September or, more generally, for the autumn season have already found the answer: the nuances of burnt earth, military green and matte gray are those that best identify the landscapes in those months! Combined with shades such as antiqued gold or bronze will also allow you to set up a perfect retro-style reception, another of those timeless trends that will continue to animate even the 2021 wedding.

Wedding color palette 2021

According to the latest color trends, 2021 will be a year full of cheerfulness and sharing, all that is needed after a long period of criticality due to the health emergency. Once you have identified your favorite palette, check out the latest trends in wedding decorations in order to finalize an event aimed at celebrating a peaceful future full of optimism!

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