Wedding in Polignano a Mare and Monopoli Between Crystal Clear Sea and Magic of History

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Weddings Tips

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Wedding in Polignano a Mare

Are you planning for your big wedding day in Polignano a Mare. Can you even say that summer is same as Puglia? yes, the tourists and mostly Italians find summer is equivalent to Puglia. There is nothing else like this land that smells like the Salento, for a fact they are capable of giving the hot months a splendor, which enhances the beauty and thanks to the beaches and the clear sea.  

In particular, the Monopoli and Polignano a Mare are places taken by storm during the summer months.  

Getting married in Apulia – the destination perfect for you: 

The picturesque locations, the delectable cuisine that smells good and tastes heavenly, a sea that looks impeccable from any point that you look at it – all these things are sure to capture your soul and heart. The magic is present in every spot of Puglia. Before you take a dive into the beauty of Monopoli and Puglia a Mare reading about the Maldives of Salento is worthy.  

The beauty of crystal-clear sea and expanses of sand, and Apulian captures our heart. Get ready with the map of Salento and look for the following places, it would not disappoint you in any way.  

  • Torre dell’ Orso – Close to the center of Melendugno you will find this beach, which boasts the blue flag for the clarity of the water it has.  
  • Porto Badisco – all visitors are embraced by the smell of myrtle, the prickly pears which invade nature.  
  • Marina Di Pescoluse – for the ones who want to spend time with their family and kids in the Salento this spot should not be missed. This is an ideal spot for a family vacation.  

For a long time, people have been traveling to get their big day (wedding) planned in Puglia and Celebrate any function in the best way at the Borgo Bianco Resort. You can now have it done easily with the help of Princess Apulia. Get all your work done by them and stay stress-free throughout your wedding functions.  

Things to see in Apulia: there are many more than Salento. 

People say that seeing the trulli of Alberobello everyone becomes a kid again no matter what his or her age is. It gets difficult to believe in the opposite in fact, because the fairy tale climate is given the characteristic roof of a home that looks like a true art piece. The atmosphere here reigns that looks like a story book picture coming into reality.  

Best locations in the Polignano a Mare Culture: 

  • Abbey of san vito. 
  • Statue of Domenico Modugno. 
  • Lama Monachile. 
  • There are many churches, arches, a small square, and a beautiful balcony and so on that you can visit.  

The best beaches to visit in Polignano a Mare:  

  • Cala Porto 
  • Cala Paguro 
  • Cala Cavallo 
  • Calla Encina 
  • Cala San Giovanni 

Getting married in Polignano a Mare is great, but getting married in the summer season is truly amazing. There are many events from jazz to craftsmen events, great set of DJs that are on for the taranta night.


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