Why should the bride’s bouquet be delivered by the mother-in-law?

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What is the bon ton to follow for the bride’s bouquet?

Yes, the bouquet is one of the most important symbols of the wedding, the accessory that will accompany the bride in one of the most beautiful days of her life, for this reason, we must give it the importance it deserves and make sure that it is perfectly in harmony with the theme of the wedding, the colors, and floral arrangements, but above all, it must be matched to the bride’s dress and be an expression of her personality. Although the trends of recent years have shown us bouquets of all kinds and especially of all materials, our advice remains always and exclusively to use fresh flowers.

Contrary to what we usually think, the bride’s bouquet, according to wedding etiquette, must be purchased by the groom (perhaps helped by the advice of a close relative, a friend, or directly of the bridesmaid of the bride) representing the last gift from the boyfriend and then going to close the cycle of courtship.

The etiquette also tells us how the bouquet must be delivered to the bride-to-be, there are two options: it can be delivered by the mother-in-law on the morning of the wedding (symbolizing a handover with the future daughter-in-law) and must be accompanied to the bride’s house, by her husband and possibly also by the brothers and sisters of the groom, or it can be delivered directly by the groom at the entrance of the church, just before the ceremony begins.

The bride and the bouquet toss

Initially, the tradition wanted the bride to give her bouquet to one of her dearest maiden friends, wishing her, with this gesture, to receive soon a marriage proposal that, according to some, should have arrived within the year.
The custom of the “throw” comes from the fact that on the day of the wedding, the bride has at her side many unmarried friends to whom she cares a lot and, by deciding to throw the bouquet and leave to fate the choice of who will be able to catch it, she will feel exempt from making this decision personally.

There are, however, some brides who decide to keep their bouquet as a souvenir and, in this case, the florist will have to create a second bouquet, identical to that of the bride but usually smaller, which will be used exclusively for the launch.
We remind you that the bouquet toss must be carried out by the bride at the end of the banquet, before the cake cutting; she will have to position herself in front of a group of single guests and throw it blindly towards them.
Tradition has it that whoever catches it will soon have a marriage proposal.

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