Terms & Conditions

General provisions
1. “Princessapulia.com” is a website owned and managed by Elena Le Fosse – EVENTS AND WEDDINGS MANAGEMENT – Address: Via Cala del Fico 1A, 71043 Manfredonia, VAT number 03952180713, Owner contact email: elenalefosse@princessapulia.com . The names “princessapulia.com”, “Princess Apulia” or “We”, where ever-present in the following terms and conditions, refer to the company “PRINCESS APULIA di Elena Le Fosse”. The names “the customer”, “customer” or “you”, where ever mentioned in the following terms, refer to the other contracting party.
2. By entering and interacting with “princessapulia.com” website you accept all the following terms and conditions of this website. Furthermore, these terms apply to all contracts concluded in whole or in part with “Princess Apulia di Elena Le Fosse”, unless otherwise expressly agreed by another document.
3. Any “proposal” or “agreement” sent by our company to you as a potential client or client, it is expressly agreed that it will be subject to the terms and conditions of this page or any other point to which these terms and conditions refer. For the purpose of time efficiency, these terms will usually not be written in any paper proposal or agreement, but there will always be a reference to them. If you still wish to receive a paper copy of these conditions, you will receive it by post as soon as possible.
4. If for any reason you disagree with any of the following terms, you should leave this site.
5. It is expressly agreed that as “terms and conditions”, the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) where applicable and the provisions of the Privacy Policy are also included . If the terms and conditions of the page have a provision clearly contrary to that of the FAQ or the Privacy Policy, the applicable one is the one mentioned in this terms and conditions page.

Products and services
1. princessapulia.com operates as a consultant and coordinator of weddings and other special events, mentioned on this site as “events” and / or “weddings”.
2. Services include “wedding packages” “consulting” and “extra services”. (The services offered on this site are indicative of the type of services provided and are not exhaustive. Some of the services provided may be conducted or managed exclusively or partially by third parties. Princessapulia.com tries to provide the best possible quality of service but cannot be held responsible for the responsibilities and actions of these parties. Princess Apulia is not obliged to inform you which of the services provided are provided by third parties unless you request it. “Princessapulia.com” does not guarantee that the services offered in this are always available or match the exact description of the website. The availability, prices and description of the services offered may vary at any time and may differ from the information mentioned on this site.
3. The exact description, price, and type of services will be sent to you as a “service proposal” after contacting our representatives. Any “proposal” or “agreement” sent by our company to you, it is expressly agreed that it will be subject to the terms and conditions of this page or where these terms and conditions refer.
4. Princess Apulia provides its services exclusively in Italy.


1. All the material on this site (video, audio, text, images, etc.) is protected by Italian and European copyright laws.
2. You may not download, copy, archive, reproduce, transmit, or distribute any material on this site in any way without our prior written consent.
3. All brand names, products, logos, and trademarks appearing on this website are the property of their respective owners.
4. Users must not reproduce, download, archive on any medium, distribute, transmit, retransmit, or manipulate any text other than for research or private study purposes.
5. All photos, stories, and portfolios appearing, mentioned, or reported on this site are true and authentic. It may happen, however, for promotional reasons, that some of the material may be fictional, but in compliance with all Italian and European regulations on consumers and on advertising.
6. After offering our services, we reserve the right to use and publish material related to your event (photos, videos, text, stories, etc.) in our “wedding” section and to generally promote the business through advertising, advertising material, websites, exhibitions, competitions, fairs, articles and magazines and other means of communication, provided that the images are used lawfully and without harm to the client, unless clearly expressed by another agreement. However, we will not publish or use your personal information such as full name, residential address, or telephone numbers.
7. It is expressly agreed that the material may be used on Facebook, Twitter, and/or other social media, forums, as desired, and that customers’ material may be tagged, or otherwise identified unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Special offers
1. An offer or promotion may have different terms and conditions, for which the customer will be informed before using this offer or promotion.
1. Under these terms and conditions the user expressly agrees to indemnify “princessapulia.com”, its officers, staff, suppliers, third party suppliers and other partners from and against all possible claims relating to any breach of these terms and conditions on your part. Such indemnities include, (but are not limited to) all legal and other costs, any expenses, damages or agreements resulting from the violation of these terms and conditions. They also include any liability, expense and damage arising from claims arising from any material posted or transmitted in any way through the “princessapulia.com” website, including (among others) claims for intellectual property rights or defamation.

2. We will not be held responsible for any damages, expenses or arrangements that occur

a. unforeseeable events, force majeure, wars, socio-political events, events outside the sphere of our responsibility;
b. from misinformation or orders given by you (i.e. day / time of the event, number of guests, etc.). In the event that any of the above occurs, it will be deemed that we have fulfilled our contractual obligations and that you are obligated to pay for the services rendered. For the reasons stated above, we strongly recommend that you insure your event against this type of accident.

3. We are obligated to provide the agreed services with the agreed specifications on the agreed day and time.

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer
1. “princessapulia.com” does not guarantee the accuracy, availability, completeness and performance for a particular purpose of this website or any part of this website.
2. “princessapulia.com” does not guarantee that this website is virus free and is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage of any kind arising from any type of use or the inability to use this website. The uses of this website would not be provided without the limitations mentioned above. Wherever on this website there are advertisements or external links to third party web pages, it is clear that these third web pages are solely responsible for their own content.
3. “princessapulia.com” does not express or in any way imply any guarantee for the information and services provided by this site. “Princessapulia.com” will not be liable for any acts of negligence of cooperating third parties who operate or are connected in whole or in part to our agreed services.

Payment terms and booking fees
1. Each offer is valid only for 7 (seven) days, unless otherwise agreed.
   a. An agreement begins with the return to Princess Apulia of a signed quote and with the payment of the deposit.
   b. In the case of an agreement with several clients, they will be jointly and severally liable for all the obligations deriving from the agreement.
2 . We only accept Euro currency. Payments in other currencies or goods will not be considered as payments and will be returned unless expressly agreed otherwise.
3. All payments made, whether through an internet / electronic funds transfer or in cash, must be free of commissions and bank charges, otherwise these costs will be charged to the customer and will be added to the final account returned by Princess Apulia.
4. The amount of the quote / agreement will be paid in 3 parts: 40% upon acceptance and receipt of the signed quote / agreement, 40% after 3 months and 20% two weeks before the wedding / event.
5. The amount of the quote / agreement cannot be exchanged for other services or products. If the wedding / event date changes and Princess Apulia is not available to attend the new date, the booking right is forfeited.
6. In case of late payments as agreed between the parties, Princess Apulia reserves the right to deny the provision of its services or to withdraw from the contract, withholding payments already made. In addition, the provisions of “Indemnity” (see above) will also apply in this case.
7. In the event that after the signing of the contract there are new costs originating from new services that you have requested from us and there is no new further agreement on these costs, you will be informed of the exact amount and date of payment and you will be asked for your consent. All existing terms and conditions of the main contract will also apply there.

1. If in any case or for any reason Princess Apulia does not make use of the rights deriving from the contract or from the applicable law, this does not mean that Princess Apulia waives these rights.

2. For the best delivery of your service, if and every time you believe that your rights deriving from the law or from this contract have been violated, you must declare it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be deemed to waive this right and no compensation or refund will be required.

Validity and contractual capacity
1. By agreeing to these terms, you represent that you are at least 18 years old and have full contractual capacity under applicable law.

Client participation and provision of information
1. The client is responsible for providing all information and arrangements regarding the wedding / event to Princess Apulia if he needs these documents to carry out his job correctly.
2. The customer is responsible for informing Princess Apulia directly in the event of changes and new circumstances that could affect the work of princessapulia.com.
3. The customer is responsible for providing correct and complete information, even if this information comes from third party suppliers. Princess Apulia will not be responsible for any errors or damages caused by the use of incomplete or incorrect information provided.
4. The customer will always answer questions within a reasonable time to avoid delays in planning.
5. If the customer does not provide complete and correct information, even after having requested it several times, Princess Apulia has the right to cancel the contract.
6. During the wedding / event the client will provide a healthy meal for Princess Apulia and also for any assistants (if booked).

1. The duration of this contract ends when “Princess Apulia” has provided all the agreed services by the day on which it was agreed.
Withdrawal from the contract
1. You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 7 calendar days from the day following the date on which you signed the contract. To do this you can send us a declared declaration by e-mail or fax. After the withdrawal, we will return your money within the next 7 days from the day you received this statement, by the same means of payment (check or bank account) unless we agree otherwise.

2. You fully understand and agree that you cannot terminate the contract if we have already begun to provide the services with your prior consent or knowledge. Furthermore, it is not possible to withdraw from a contract that includes the supply of customized products by us or an affiliated third party. Completed payments are non-refundable and Princess Apulia has the right to request an extra amount depending on the services offered up to that point.

Refund of Consultancy

1. Within 24 hours after the consultation you have the right to request a refund of the full amount and retain all bonuses. After 24 hours you will not be entitled to any refund.

Interpretation and applicable law
1. You expressly accept that these terms and conditions are interpreted by Italian law. The applicable law for any dispute arising from these terms and conditions, contract or other relationship between you and our company is Italian law.
2. These terms and conditions (including the FAQ) and any other terms and conditions related to them, must be interpreted and interpreted independently. If any part of this agreement is found to be held invalid by applicable law, the other terms will be deemed valid and will not affect the remainder.
1. You expressly agree that for any dispute arising from these terms and conditions or from the law, it falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts and in particular the courts of our company headquarters.

Changes to the terms and conditions and frequently asked questions.
1. These terms and conditions are subject to change. We reserve the right to change these terms without notice. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you read these terms and conditions and the FAQ for changes to updates, whenever you visit or are about to enter into a contractual agreement. In case of modification of these terms and FAQs, those existing at the time of signing the contract are applicable. Princess Apulia is obliged to keep copies of all changes to these terms and conditions. The customer is also required to keep a printed copy of the terms existing at the time of signing the contract. These terms were last updated on 15/03/2022.
2. Some offers, promotions or discounts may be subject to different terms and conditions (“special terms”), for which participants will be notified. If for any reason any of these terms are different or contrary to these terms or FAQs, the applicable terms are the “special terms”.