NASTASIA & DANILO (Switzerland)

"A very nice and above all very professional and organized person. She took all the weight off our shoulders and made sure we got just the wedding we wanted. We didn't have to worry about anything. She handled everything. It was totally stress-free. We had the greatest time in scenic Puglia.

When we come back, we will definitely reserve you again. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, everything was perfect.

If we could have the chance to relive this beautiful day we would do it the same way, everything was perfect – just as we wanted it. Perfect organization, great food, dream location and personalized music for our party … all excellent. Thanks, you made our wedding in Italy UNFORGETTABLE, not only for us but also for our guests!"

Princess Apulia
Puglia wedding planner

SERENA & FRANCESCO (Emilia Romagna- Italy)

I recommend Elena because she is not only able to be a creative wedding planner – helpful, kind, friendly, precise and reliable – but also an excellent listener who takes care to address the wishes, doubts and uncertainties of the bride and groom as they move toward the realization of their big day. She made sure that everything was to our specifications and Puglia as a wedding location is amazing – so beautiful and full of romance. We are extremely satisfied."

Princess Apulia
Puglia wedding planner

ANTONELLA & GERSON (Switzerland)

"Availability, listening, professionalism, creativity, sweetness, these are just some of Elena’s strengths and why we decided to work with her. She is a pleasant person and our contact was immediately positive. Even though we live in Switzerland, she made it very easy to organize our marriage in Puglia. She was the perfect guide, while wedding planning always comes with anxiety, by relying on her day after day we felt more and more serene. She was the perfect professional we were looking for and allowed us to truly enjoy our wedding. She never left us on our own when it came to wedding decisions. If we had any doubts, uncertainties or simply curiosities, she was always available to discuss them and ensure we got exactly what we wanted.

Our wedding day was an enchanting day for us and above all for our guests. We were extremely satisfied with Elena’s work and we cannot help but recommend her to future brides, who wish to get married in such a fascinating place as Puglia. The combination of Puglia and Elena allowed us to have the dream wedding we’ve always wanted.

It is not easy to choose a wedding planner when you live abroad, but today we can say that we are extremely happy with the choice we made. If we were to go back we would definitely choose her again.”

Princess Apulia
Puglia wedding planner


Highly recommended. Fantastic planner who was there to guide and assist with everything. She erased our fears of a stressful, disorganized event and gave us the wedding of our dreams in a location that couldn’t be more lovely. Puglia is a beautiful location and Elena is a beautiful professional lady with a heart of gold. She was all about the love and perfection for us as a couple. Thank you Elena.” ​​​​​​​

Princess Apulia
Puglia wedding planner


Dearest Elena, before contacting you our main problem was we were afraid of not being able to organize what we had in mind. We wanted to get married in a place that was very important for us, but our distance prevented us from being active and present, which made organization very difficult.

You saved us and provided us with many benefits. You know the best places and the best suppliers and so we quickly came to rely on you. Also since the first phone call there has been an immediate harmony that made me understand that you were the right person – this more than anything is why we chose your agency. When I hung up the phone I told my partner "she's not only the perfect person for us, but I really think I found a new friend" and so it was!

What I will remember about this special day of ours is the magic and the fantastic people that have accompanied us in this wonderful moment. And we who come from another region feel that Puglia was the perfect place to give shape to a magic, our Magic. Thank you very much Elena, without your support it would have been very difficult and it wouldn't have been so magical.”

Princess Apulia
Puglia wedding

CELESTE & MATTIA (Peschici- Italy)

"Thanks to Elena, I had the best day of my life. She met my expectations, giving us unforgettable emotions! She was with us every step of the way making sure everything was to our wishes. We had the most beautiful wedding in the most beautiful location – Puglia. Thank you Elena for your commitment and dedication."

Princess Apulia
wedding planner puglia itay


"A thousand doubts, a thousand questions that could only be answered by our wedding planner, and our confused ideas finally have a continuous line.

Elena calmed our fears and was easily able to overcome any obstacle that arose. Elena was an important support in the planning of our wedding. Without her, we could not have accomplished everything in so much serenity.

In the long journey of planning our wedding, besides having experienced so many emotions, we met a great person! Our wedding day is a day that will be remembered forever, but for us the people who have contributed to making it unique – like Elena – will have a special place in our hearts. We will always remember the beauty and romance of Puglia and the efforts of Elena who made sure we had our dream wedding. Thanks for everything!"

Princess Apulia
Puglia wedding planner

What People said about Princess Apulia

Below you will find a collection of some testimonials from our customers


"Jack and I got married in a beautiful villa in Puglia.

The organization at the beginning seemed simple, but then the first doubts began; how will I communicate with local suppliers ?, The first fears began to arrive and the organization started to be very complicated, we didn't know anyone and we didn't have contacts in that area above all, for the catering, flowers and photographer (for us aspects very important).

I contacted Elena at the beginning of January 2019 and my problems dissolved. It is well organized and has strong links with a network of local professionals with whom it works very well.

She was an excellent planner for my wedding in Puglia. I trusted her .

The day was perfect, everything was as I imagined it.

All our guests were not only happy to be in Puglia, but they were also impressed by the location, the food and had a lot of fun as much as we did. We will remember this day forever.


If you want wishes in Puglia, be sure to contact Principess Apulia.

He did everything he could to make my marriage special and to be honest I will miss it now that the marriage is over. It was a very valuable point of reference for us, as it could communicate with all our suppliers much better than we could ever do alone.

Thank you so much!"

Princess Apulia
Puglia wedding