Bridal Socks, Which Wear

by | May 25, 2020 | Weddings Tips

bridal socks which wear

According to tradition, bridal socks must necessarily be worn on the wedding day. Whatever style and the season you choose, this accessory is essential to complete the bridal look with refinement and elegance and is required by the etiquette rules, always current and very followed even by modern spouses.   To be a truly impeccable bride, it is, therefore, necessary to know which type of stocking you will have to wear on the day of your wedding, without falling into style errors or solutions that may be out of place and ruin your very studied outfit. Remember that everyone’s eyes will be on you and therefore nothing can be left to chance, follow our advice to get prepared for the Great Day!

His sock for every season

There are numerous types of stockings and tights, with different densities (or “denari”) that make them suitable for any season. The initial choice you will need to make is therefore based on the month of the year in which you decided to celebrate your wedding. If your wedding will be held in autumn or winter, in the period between October and March, you can wear a pair of high or medium density stockings: the non-covering tights are perfect, over 20 deniers of heaviness. If, on the other hand, your wedding will be celebrated in the spring or summer months, between April and September, we advise you to opt for very thin stockings of the shade as close as possible to the color of your dress or your shoes. Do you prefer to opt for a nude look? In this case, you can wear thin or slightly darker flesh-colored stockings to give a tanning effect to your legs.

Which type you prefer for your outfit

Then you will need to identify which model is most suitable based on the type of dress you will wear on your wedding day: stockings or tights? If the dress is very close to the body, as in mermaid models, tights are certainly more suitable. Perfect for not letting glimpse unattractive marks under the thigh level and ideal if you want to shape the waist. If, on the other hand, you are wearing a princess-style wedding dress or with an A-shape, you can dare with elegant stockings. They give more freedom to the legs and, if worn with sandals or blunt shoes, they are also available without seams. You can also add a traditional garter to complete the bridal look, in the classic blue color or in the ever-present white color.   The only exception allowed for the use of stockings and tights is if you choose to wear bridal jewel thongs, ideal for formal summer ceremonies.

The details that cannot be missed

The choice of the color of bridal stockings is very important, the most used shades fluctuate between ivory, natural flesh-colored tints, pearly shades, and classic white. If you love to stand out and show off your sparkling and nonconformist personality, you can dare wearing fantasy stockings but be careful: you need to prefer them with short dresses and choose a delicate and sober ton-sur-ton motif, which does not risk appearing in bad taste for the ‘occasion.   Our advice is to buy stockings at least two weeks before the wedding and try them to test their comfort and perfect fit. Also, don’t forget to buy at least two identical pairs, to always have with you on the day of your wedding a valid substitute in case of stretch marks or breaks of the ones you are wearing.


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