The 7 questions to ask the atelier marries before the trial of the dress

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Does the first test in a bridal workshop have a cost? And the changes to the dress? Can you take pictures in the dressing room? If you also have these (and other doubts), you are in the right place: here are the 7 questions to do before starting the tour of the wedding dress studios!

Less than a year before the wedding, but not later than 8 months before (although some exceptions are always present and the perfect dress as well!), It is finally time to begin the search for the wedding dress.

The first step I recommend is to take a look at bridal fashion magazines, industry sites and online and paper catalogs of brands to get an idea. Afterwards, you can proceed to fix one or more appointments in the bridal workshops of your city and, therefore, begin the highly anticipated wedding dress test tour.

Atelier bride, questions to ask before facing the fitting room test

Do you know the very first thing to do as soon as you are one step away from the dressing room? It’s simpler than expected: look in the mirror. The advice, in fact, is not to preclude any possibility or to fix you on a model or a specific dress seen in the photo: try different clothes for shape, fabric, style. To your surprise you will discover, perhaps, that the right wedding dress for you is just what you never dreamed of!

There are, however, some questions that you probably haven’t asked yourself yet, but whose answers are good to know. Valuable information that will be more than useful when you begin the bridal workshop tour. Here they are.

Does the first test in the studio have a cost?

No, he didn’t. Remember, however, to book your appointment in the bridal workshop or tailor’s workshop you have chosen for the trial: in this way, in fact, you will be sure to have a consultant at your complete disposal.

Who do you go to try on the wedding dress?

Parents, sister, best friend. Anyway, it’s better not to be too many: to agree more people, with different tastes and ideas, is never easy!

Which underwear do you wear?

Opt for a comfortable and not sexy underwear; prefer light linen, a bra with removable straps or a band.

Can I take pictures in the dressing room of a bridal studio?

In most cases, bridal workshops do not allow photographs to be taken of clothes. The only exception is when it comes to the chosen model, therefore it will be purchased.

How many tests of the wedding dress do you make?

Usually, after the choice of the dress, one or two intermediate tests are performed, followed by the final test with relative delivery of the wedding dress. Depending on any changes to be made to the dress or specific needs, some additional ones can be made.

Does changing the wedding dress have a cost?

It depends. And in any case it is a good idea to ask for it immediately from the bridal studio where you have decided to buy your dress. Generally, when it comes to small changes the costs are included in the price of the dress and, therefore, charged to the atelier. On the contrary, if it is a real relooking there may be additional charges.

Can a wedding dress be changed?

If your biggest fear is that, at a certain point, you don’t like the dress you chose, there is a way out. Even if it’s not really painless! It is possible, in fact, that the money in the deposit should be lost; indeed, in the event that it is not a case of a change of model but of wanting to buy the dress in another atelier, there may be penalties to pay.

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